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Tony Mills is the creator of the Living Lens healing disk and a channel for a Native American Indian Chief Spirit Guide.  


Born and raised in north Wales, Tony Mills began working as a therapist over 30 years ago. After learning various healing techniques, including massage, kinesiology and becoming a Reiki Master and Osteopath, Tony then realised he was a channel of Higher Energies and was being given information that finally led him to the work he does today.

Tony created Energetic Wisdom, which is a holistic system for balancing, healing and harmonising all aspects of a person – body, mind, emotions and spirit.

He realised that good health and well-being are a result of our positive emotions. On the contrary, when negative thoughts and emotions are repressed, often due to them being too painful or overwhelming, they do not simply go away. Our body, thinking it is trying to help, converts the emotional feeling of the issue we are experiencing, into crystallised negative energy and stores it in a certain part of the system, for addressing at a later date.

Thoughts and emotions are energy and all have the power to impact our lives in a positive or negative way. It is the repression and denial of negative, painful emotions that lead to physical dis-ease and dis-comfort, which is the way the body reminds us that we still need to address the problem. Using Energetic Wisdom techniques, a return to balance is often quickly achieved, without the need for psychoanalysing, making it one of the quickest and easiest forms of therapy around today.

Called the Soul Whisperer, by many clients, Tony Mills has developed his own unique and efficient ways to detect and clear imbalances from the system, which in turn aids in the return to health and well-being. He can help with most issues, from emotional to physical and even imprints from past lives as well as inherited diseases.

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Experiencing Energetic Wisdom for yourself is a unique experience which you will find both fascinating and positively life-changing.



Tony also harmonises people and properties of electromagnetic and geopathic stress as well as negative, parasitic energies that have attached themselves to the person or property.  Learn more why home harmonising is so important.

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TESTIMONIALS – Personal Consultations

Sue Green (Proprietor) Upper Hurst Farm Caravan & Camping Site. I feel very blessed and privileged to have had an individual healing session with Tony Mills. Tony has a profound gift in identifying energy blocks and then clearing them. To see Tony in action, particularly when he is guided by spirit to know exactly where & how to move energy in & around the body, is truly amazing-so much so I found it quite emotional. Not only that but Tony has a very non-judgemental, empathetic and compassionate way with his clients which is very important, particularly when (the client-me) is feeling a bit nervous or not deserving.

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Fiona Pitcher, London. I’m just back home after a two and a half hour walk in the woods with my dogs. This is just so incredible considering two months ago I could barely walk to the end of the road to post a letter.  In April I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and experienced every single debilitating symptom associated with it. Less than two months ago,  I had just three sessions with you and truly haven’t looked back. My energy, strength and mental clarity are BACK! I can never thank you enough. What a gift you have.

Michala W, Mallorca, Spain. Tony has helped me tremendously. He is able to tap into the core, the truth. The results I, and many people I have referred to Tony have been incredible. An example of this is that I have had a severe latex allergy for many years, not able to touch or be in the room with any by-product of latex. The effects for me were severe, choking, swollen itchy body and an ambulance called immediately. Each time I have given birth or had an operation the room would have to be scrubbed and everything removed beforehand which took several hours. One session focusing on this with Tony and I was cured. During the session, to my disbelief, he had me holding a balloon! And still, now I have no effects. This has been the same for claustrophobia and several other fears I ‘used to’ have.

Lynsey, Dumfries, Scotland. My 4-year-old suffered from acid reflux from birth which became a burden on her more as she got older. After contacting Tony he was able to work his magic via distance healing and clear the problem. My daughter is much more at ease and lives a happier life without the pain of acid reflux.

CB.  London.  I saw Tony Mills for one session and it was life-changing for me. Great things started happening straight away and I was so much more motivated with tons more energy. I feel so thankful.  Every day since I find I am saying to myself ‘I feel fantastic‘. I feel he really saved me.


Dowsing Tools

The various dowsing tools that Tony uses in his work.


TESTIMONIALS – House Harmonisation

Dave & Denise Winter, Southsea, Hampshire. Both my wife and I have been extremely impressed with the ” and the positive impact that it has had, not only with regards to our immediate neighbours living in the house next door to us. but also in the general area surrounding our home.  We have lived in our house for nearly 20 years now, and I have to say that since Tony undertook the house harmonisation things have never been so peaceful and quiet.

Prior to the house harmonisation, we were used to overhearing and witnessing constant rows and disputes between our next door neighbours, (and also from the previous people who had lived next door prior to them moving in) and this occurred on an almost daily basis. I am very happy to report that this has now all but ceased, absolutely amazing!  Not only that but a couple of our other neighbours, who could also be very loud and even aggressive at times, have now quietened down and appear to be far more content and sociable.

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Dave Winter – Continued.  Another more general example of the ‘harmonisation’ effect occurred only yesterday when another neighbour talked to me about organising a couple of social events for this coming year. He proposed having a BBQ in the summer at his house and inviting a few of the neighbours, and also arranging an annual get together at the beginning of December in order to celebrate the ‘turning on of the different Christmas light decorations’ at each of the participating houses in our street.

To sum up, if anyone is having issues with their home and/or their immediate surrounding area, I would not hesitate to recommend Tony and this unique and truly astounding ‘House harmonisation’ service that he provides.

AD, Shropshire. Our house feels great by the way. The cold chill we used to get when we walked up the stairs seems to have gone and the atmosphere in the house is much calmer. My brother noticed a difference when he got back from work that day.

BW, North Wales. Shortly after Tony placed his house harmonising device my neighbours stopped abusing each other after years of violent conflict. Then, incredible as it may seem, even came over to apologise for the past disturbances!!

D. W. Texas, USA. I can say without a doubt that the house harmonisation Tony did for me over a year ago has made a huge difference. There is a calmness and comfort in the house that was never there before. It is peaceful and like a refuge from the ills of the world.


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