Questions and Answers

Frequently asked questions about the work of Soul Whisperer, Tony Mills of Energetic Wisdom. And information of where you can experience his work.

Taken on Christmas day 2015 in Puerto de Pollensa, Mallorca, Spain.

Taken on Christmas day 2015 in Puerto de Pollensa, Mallorca, Spain.

Once Tony has cleared me of electromagnetic and geopathic stress, do I need to buy any of the Red 9 Harmoniser protective devices as well?

Although Tony harmonises the electromagnetic field of all of his clients, unless the client uses a protective device, this is obviously only temporary.  It is strongly advised that everyone has some sort of protection from the ever-increasing electromagnetic stress in today’s electronic world.   This is especially important for children, those who are energy sensitive or those who are weakened with illness or age.  Tony’s Red 9 Harmoniser devices have been proven to work on the human bio-electrical field, strengthening a vulnerable break in the human circuit board. (The equivalent of the old Daoist practice of holding the tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth).  While the human energy field is strong, it reduces the incidents of physical, mental and emotional challenges.


I am in good health, what can Energetic Wisdom offer me?

Energetic Wisdom removes energetic blockages which, while not necessarily making you ill, may be holding you back in your personal or professional relationships.  Energetic Wisdom can also help with things like allergies, phobias or low self-esteem.


Where can I experience Energetic Wisdom?

Tony lives near Christchurch, in south Hampshire, England and offers consultations in Christchurch, Lymington and Romsey.  He lived on the island of Mallorca, Spain for 6 years, until he and his wife, Annie moved to Hampshire in April 2016.  They visit the island as often as they can, and during this time, Tony often sees a few clients.  Contact Tony if you are living on the island, and would like to see him when he is next there.

Group events are posted to the Events Page.  Another option is Distance healing.

Energetic Wisdom Talk

Tony offers an enjoyable, informative and interactive talk about his work.


What are the experiences of other clients?

Read client testimonials.


I would like to become one of Tony’s organisers and host Energetic Wisdom events – how do I go about doing that?

Tony is always keen to take Energetic Wisdom to different countries and locations.  Organisers must be outgoing people who are proactive on social media, and have a large network of contacts who are interested in natural healing. Organisers receive good commissions and benefits.  It is very rewarding being an Energetic Wisdom organiser, and Tony’s partner, Annie will be working with and supporting you throughout the process.

Group Energetic Wisdom Event

Channelling energy during a group Energetic Wisdom event.


Can I purchase a Red 9 Home / Office Harmoniser and install it myself?

Unfortunately not.  It is very important that Tony visits the property to check for and address negative and discordant energies.  In addition, Tony will ensure the Red 9 Harmoniser is located in the best location in your home or office to aid in protection from electromagnetic and geopathic stress. Read more on this page.

However, it will also be of great benefit to wear a Red 9 Harmoniser, as you will need this when you leave your home.

Red 9 Harmonising Pendant

Red 9 Harmonisers help with protecting from EMF’s and Geopathic frequencies. Available in oval and rectangular.