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Tony’s Journey

My Journey to become the Soul Whisperer

My initial introduction into the therapeutic world was after qualifying as a massage therapist in the late 80’s, followed by Kinesiology, Reiki Master and Osteopathy.  I have also studied various other forms of energy healing, and today, what I do is entirely my own.

Tony Mills' Spirit Guide

Artist’s impression of Tony’s Indian Chief Spirit Guide, Ha O Ta

Although Osteopathy was rewarding and produced good results, I felt that there was more to discover, as I noted that some clients, with the same physical conditions, were not healing as effectively as others. This greatly intrigued me, and as a result of my intention to discover the reasons behind these anomalies, I began to experience an ‘energy’ working through me and as a result of allowing and exploring this, healing people took on a totally new perspective.

By learning how to connect with my Higher Self, I found this opened me up to a completely new world of visions and experiences.  This resulted in huge transformational change in my life and also those of my clients, some with ‘mind blowing’ experiences. During one such experience, both my client and me found ourselves speaking in tongues of Native American and Hebrew!  I will save that incredible story for another day!


Ha-O-Ta Spirit Guide in sky

One day, while I was running an event on Mallorca, my Spirit Guide, the Indian Chief, Ha-O-Ta appeared as a cloud in the sky above us.

Many incredible things took place once I began to work with Spirit Guides.  There was Gadalan, the Druid, who first appeared to a group in America, Ha-O-Ta, a Native American chief (depicted in an artist’s impression above) who has been seen by more than one person and photographed over a spot in Mallorca (see photo to right), where I was about to conduct a workshop and Cheng Cow Chow, a Chinaman, from 1046 BC, from whom I channelled a sword ceremony (see video below).

These guides opened up an amazing journey of healing and transformation that I have been able to share with others.

I feel the word ‘guides’ is very appropriate, as they work through me, guiding me as to where the energy is needed, as I work on others.  I am so grateful for these wonderful energies in my life.

This sword ceremony was channelled through me from Cheng Cow Chow, my Chinese Spirit Guide. Before that day, I had never practiced anything like this.


The most powerful device that I channelled is the Living Lens, which when activated, releases deep feelings one has subconsciously chosen to bury and not consciously addressed.  The result of which can cause pain, and keep one from having a healthy, happy, joy filled life.  If only I had known about the Living Lens during my early career as a therapist working solely on the physical body, I would most certainly have been able to help those clients who kept returning with recurring ailments!


On my journey, I discovered the weakening effect of geopathic stress (caused by underground rock formations), underground water stress (black streams) and electromagnetic stress (from radio waves, mobile phones, Wi-Fi etc).  I channelled devices in order to protect the human bio-electrical system, which is weakened by these distorted energies.

I also harmonise houses, offices and other buildings of geopathic stress and other negative energies and do this by channelling from my Spirit Guides, and by installing one of my Red 9  harmonising devices.

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