Jan 22, 2018

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Alien or Negative Entities

Alien or Negative Entities

Alien or Negative Entities or Negative Energies

To find out if you are affected by alien or negative entities or negative energies, ask yourself;

  • Have you ever suddenly felt very ill and couldn’t understand why?
  • Have you been in a bad mood for no apparent reason?
  • Or suddenly not felt quite yourself?
These are common imbalances in many of my clients, and upon investigating, the cause was often found to be due to an alien or negative entity or alien energy.  OK, I  realise that may sound rather far-fetched to some of you reading this, but these negative energies are a fact of life and acknowledged in many spiritual texts.  If I was to ask ‘Do you believe in Angels?’ you would probably say you do, so why is it you do not allow yourself to believe in the possibility of negative and alien energies?
Damage by Alien or Negative Entities

Entities do not like the harmony a Red 9 Pendant provides, and will do all they can to get you to remove it. In this case, destroying it.

 Entities do not like the harmony a Red 9 Pendant provides.

Recently, after removing an negative entity from a client, his wife reported very soon after that her husband’s bad mood, which she and others had been enduring for over a week, had gone.

There had been another clue to the husband’s bad mood, and it was his wife who spotted it.  Last year, in a Note on my Facebook Page I wrote about how these alien energies cannot reside comfortably within a human that is wearing one of my Red 9 Harmonising pendants.

The alien or negative entities will very quickly begin to attack the pendant, which soon shows signs of deterioration.  The client’s wife remembered reading this information and quickly got in touch with me, which provided me with a very powerful clue regarding her husband’s mood.

Please note, the Red 9’s are for protecting against EMF’s, however a consequence of the harmony they provide your system, is that negative & alien energies do not enjoy this harmony.  The Red 9’s cannot entirely protect you from alien or negative entities or negative energies, but if you don’t ‘feel quite yourself’ while wearing one, it may be due to the alien or negative entities or negative energies trying to get you to remove the pendant.   Contact me immediately for advice.

So why do these alien or negative entities or negative energies invade us?  What do they want?

The simple answer is that they are opportunistic parasites which take hold of us when we are feeling energetically weakened or vulnerable.  To my understanding, some of them experiment on us by provoking negative emotions and imbalances, such as illness or pain and even mental illness, so they can better understand us.  Others are simply feeding from our energy.

Lacking compassion, they do not feel our pain and it is doubtful they care.  Removing these alien or negative entities or negative energies is very important to one’s mental, emotional and physical well-being and unfortunately they are very common.  A high percentage of my new clients are affected by these energies.

The good news is, I can safely remove an alien or negative entities or negative energies.

With the aid of my Spirit Guide, I can safely remove an alien or negative entities or negative energies, and a feeling of well-being can be reinstated.  Should you happen to have a Red 9 Pendant, which has been compromised in any way, then please contact me.  Although this service does incur a fee for my services, my aim is to help you enjoy great health and well-being.  To help you, I will replace the pendant free of charge.

You can choose to see me in person, via Skype/Zoom or remotely.  Email to arrange, or contact my wife Annie on 07745 803307 to schedule your appointment.  For those not living in the UK, Annie is also available via Whatsapp

Appointments are also available at weekends.


Cindy, Northampton, UK.

I very suddenly felt completely drained of energy.  My whole body ached and felt like lead and I felt cold and shivery. I knew I was not ill as such but could not understand what was happening to me.  I contacted Tony for a remote healing, and he found a negative energy around my throat chakra. Tony also found my aura closed down. He removed this negative energy and rechecked my aura and found it to be fully restored and strong.  Soon after the healing I felt much better.

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