Congratulations on taking the next step towards a new, improved version of your amazing self!  


Tony has developed unique and transformative techniques to locate and harmonise energy blockages in body, mind, and spirit.

Soul Whisperer, Tony Mills

Soul Whisperer, Tony Mills lives with his wife, Ani, in the Brecon Beacons, a beautiful mountainous area of Wales, in the UK.




An online appointment using a video link-up called Zoom is a great option, and this is how Tony meets with his clients from all over the world.  This will be like being in a clinic room with Tony but from the comfort of your own home.  You will be able to privately and confidentially discuss your needs with Tony and you will work together to clear the energy blockages from your system.

After booking, you will receive an email with full instructions plus your Zoom meeting access link.  A computer or laptop with a camera, to allow for the video connection is required.  You can also use your mobile phone, although the screen will be much smaller.

Zoom is super easy to use and even those that felt, due to their lack of computer knowledge, they would have problems, actually found it quite simple.

  • The appointment is up to 1 hour and as Tony is in the UK, the fee is £139 British Pounds, but you will pay in your local currency.
  • Book an appointment using the button below – REMEMBER TO SELECT YOUR OWN TIME ZONE otherwise by default the time zone will be the UK time.
  • You will then receive an email confirming your appointment details and further instructions.



Due to the increasing demand from people all over the world seeking Tony’s expert healing abilities his appointments are often booked up weeks in advance – although you may be lucky enough to find a last-minute cancellation appointment so grab it without delay.

NOTE: These appointments are ONLY for adults and thus NOT FOR CHILDREN under 21 years of age. 

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Tony Mills and his wife Annie

No face-lift, just Energetic Wisdom!

In this photo are Tony and his wife Annie.  When learning their ages, many have remarked how young they both look.  Tony is in his late 70’s and Annie is in her late 50’s and their youthfulness is a testament to the transformative power of a healthy diet, and the Living Lens.

A few years ago, Tony worked with a lady who had premature ageing due to stress and money worries.  During the appointment, Tony was able to observe the deep lines and wrinkles on the lady’s face relax and soften.  These continued to relax, so much so, that the lady looked ten years younger, and her friends were asking her if she had had a face-lift!

Would you like to turn back the years and recapture a more youthful face?  Then book your appointment today and let’s begin.





How many appointments will I need?

This is a common question, but the answer is not always so easy to provide.  As a rule of thumb though, if you suffer from challenges such as allergies, a cough, headaches, or a feeling of sadness, frustration, or feeling stuck in life, then one to three appointments should be enough.

However, if you have a chronic condition, then you may need many more and would be aiming for more than about six appointments.  This will give you and Tony a good opportunity to work down through the many energetic layers that you have built up in your system over the years.

How much time should I leave between appointments?

Most people find it works well to space the appointments a week apart.  This gives your system some time to adjust to the new, improved version of yourself.

Is it OK to work with other therapists at the same time?

It is not recommended as energy work can be very powerful and your system may become overloaded in trying to clear out the energy toxins.  This is commonly referred to as a Healing Crisis.  Please contact Tony if you have any questions about this.

Some more frequently asked questions are answered on this page.

Esoteric photo of a door in blue

Spiritual House Cleansing service is currently not available. 

However, should you like a referral to someone I can recommend, please contact me.



Medical Disclaimer: While shamanic practices/spiritual healing is not a replacement for conventional medicine, it is often used successfully as a compliment. Holistic therapy of this nature has been shown to help many people, whereas other methods have failed. Always consult a physician about any physical or mental problems you may have.