Asthma: The Emotional Cause

Asthma can happen intermittently when the bronchial tubes of the lungs narrow, resulting in a form of suffocation.  This creates feelings of pressure, wheezing, shortness of breath, and very often a feeling of panic.  It can all be very distressing for an asthmatic.  Usually, there is no problem breathing in, however, the problem seems to relate to exhaling.  There are times when there can be an allergic trigger, as well as an association with eczema.  Here we will look at the possible emotional cause of asthma.

The Hidden Emotions

With asthma, breathing in emotionally represents taking on too much, to the extent of taking on more than you can cope with.  Also, there will be great difficulty in giving some back.  You will not admit to any limitation, even to yourself.  There is a need to be stronger than you are just to be loved by others.  You may want things to be done your way and when this does not happen, an asthma attack is just the excuse you need to not be as strong as you seem.  It is an emotional cause of asthma.

Mentally asthma is sending an urgent message that taking on too much is poisoning and suffocating you.  By loving and accepting yourself with all your weaknesses and limitations, it will free you up.  When listening closely to an asthmatic’s breathing it might sound like a stifled cry coming from the lungs, as if they are expressing a fear of being unloved, abandoned, without emotional support.  Stifled, as if they are not allowed to cry.  If they did so, it would be fruitless.  This is a fear that is held in the body in an area that we breathe and cry, the lungs.

Asthma is about trusting and letting go

There is a secondary gain, of course.  That is the attention one gets during an asthmatic attack.  The attention can represent some form of love that they feel that they missed in childhood.  Pain can lead to the pleasure of the rescue.  The challenge for asthmatics can represent separation from the mother. and even a cry for a longing to return to the womb.  A feeling of being smothered can come from a parent or even the boss creating an overload of work,  to over-demanding relatives.

Asthma is about trusting and letting go.  The inability to breathe out indicates a lack of trust that the breath will come back in.  Breathing in, we are in control, while breathing out demands total surrender.  Meaning that if we feel secure the world will support us, and we will receive the love we need.

Hidden Feelings Behind Asthma

The really deep hidden feelings behind asthma can be an overwhelming fear of God.  Whatever religion or belief, there can be a deep ancestral belief together with profound separation-paranoia.  There are deeply hidden feelings of guilt and shame.  This results in an unconscious dependency wish.  An over-sensitivity and feeling dominated by a parent have not helped this condition.  To feel stifled (usually the mother) is translated, literally, by the body.


According to Lise Bourbeau in her book, Your Body’s Telling You: Love Yourself, she advises to liberate yourself.  Love and accept yourself with all your weaknesses and limitations.  You are human; simply take your place in the human family.  There is no need to overwhelm with your feats or your illnesses.


If you suffer from asthma, I can help you by assisting the release of these painful hidden truths that are expressed in your body.  And help you recall your own personal power in order to live a free, liberated life away from the restrictions of asthma.



  • Much of the information about the emotions behind asthma was provided from “Messages From The Body” by Michael J. Lincoln, FKA Narayan-Singh Khala
  •  Image of lungs by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay


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