What Prevents You From Attracting Your Divine Partner?

Many of you may be unaware of how your history can dictate how you attract your divine partner.  If there is a history of abuse involving humiliation, abandonment, rejection or betrayal in your formative years, life will very often recreate an associated pattern in your life.  The pattern will remain until the emotions are addressed and set free. 

Although past events cannot be changed, the feelings can be recognised and set free, together with the accompanying pain.  Because of this, you may also be unaware of how you have absorbed your parent’s feelings, which you have absorbed, especially in childhood.  Of course, this will also apply to future partners.  Many see this as ‘baggage’.

If we ignore the painful truth the body will endeavour to express the pain as literally as possible.


The truth about our childhood is stored in our body, and although we can repress it, we can never alter it.

Our intellect can be deceived, our feelings manipulated, our perceptions confused,

and our body tricked with medication. 

But some day the body will present its bill,  for it is as incorruptible as a child who, still whole in spirit it will accept no compromises or excuses and it will not stop tormenting us, until we stop evading the truth.

Alice Miller 


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With Your Accumulated History, How Do You Attract Your Divine Partner?

Very often, desire and passion can draw a couple together, usually to work on an important life issue in order to grow.  Frequently,  one partner takes up the growth challenge while the other refuses to ‘move’.

One of the most important tools to liberate a couple is in communication and expressing the truth, including the ability to express one’s emotions.  Being a man, I understand how difficult this can be from the male perspective, as “big boys don’t cry”.  It is often considered to be a sign of weakness and can create a big blockage in a relationship.

Also, it can cause problems, as it draws a woman to be seen as a controller as nothing is moving.  The more one seems to control, the more the other can dig in their heels and vice versa.

There is an inequality in the male/female program due to the genetic patterning.  A man can, very often, give love for sex, whereas a woman gives sex for love.  In my opinion, the whole institution of marriage will change in the future.

It will take the pressure of tradition off a couple’s desire to stick to outdated tradition and make it easier to become loving friends.  There is less pressure and instead of having a strong need for a partner, but instead wanting to be with someone in a loving way, and growing through their difficulties.

To sum it up on how to attract your divine partner, the more you and your future partner address your accumulated emotional pain, the more opportunity for cementing that special connection.


What the UK royal family can teach us.

To attract a divine partner Meghan and Harry have taught us that a whole generation of little girls and boys that:

  • Being a prince or princess is overrated.
  • Money and fame do not bring happiness.
  • It is better to walk away from toxic situations.
  • When needed, you should get help in releasing your own inherited toxic programs.
  • You should stand up for yourself.

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