Winter is the season when many suffer from a common cold or flu, but did you know that they, like any imbalance, can quickly be cleared by addressing the emotions that attracted them?

In this article, I am going to write about the emotions behind a common cold.  If you are interested to find out about the emotions of the flu, then please jump on over to my other blog on this.


The book by Louise L. Hay: Heal Your Body, states the following emotions are behind the common cold:

  • Too much going on at once.
  • Mental confusion, disorder.
  • Small hurts.
  • Having the belief that you need to get a cold each winter.

Here are some suggested positive affirmations by Louise L. Hay

  • I allow my mind to relax and be at peace.
  • Clarity and harmony are within me and around me.
  • All is well.

We can go deeper with those emotions that are behind the common cold and can also be behind flu:

  • Hidden memories and feelings resurface at this time of year.  The memories associated with the family or losses around Christmas can trigger the immune system allowing a cold or flu to take over.
  • Not setting a stable pattern in life and not seeing how life is going, due to holding on to old beliefs.
  • Intense dissatisfaction or helplessness and an inner ‘crying’ over not being able to do anything about it can create mucus and congestion.  The result is hidden grief hidden in the lungs, which is expressed as cold or more serious respiratory conditions.
  • Feeling life is unpredictable, uncontrollable, or overwhelming.
  • Feeling of being controlled by impersonal exterior factors. Eg, weather and life circumstances.
  • Underlying suppressed despair over deprivation in childhood reoccurring.

Symptoms of a common cold or flu are a result of the immune system trying to clear the virus from your body. 

By suppressing the symptoms of a common cold with medication, you are actually interfering with the body’s ability to recover.  When you get a cold or flu, it is best to not fight the symptoms.  Instead, it is better to reduce eating solids but increase your fluids.  Tea and coffee are best avoided as they are dehydrating.

How I Can Help If You Have A Common Cold or Flu

Of course, as I am able to address the feelings behind a common cold or flu, without the need for psychoanalysis, you can seek my help.   Book your Zoom call via my appointments page.

Your body has been trying to communicate your need to address certain internal emotions.  When you refuse to listen to your inner emotions, a common cold or flu, like any illness, is your bodies way of shouting its message to you.



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