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 Personal Consultations & Distance Healing

Personal consultations & distance healing available from Soul Whisperer, Tony Mills of Energetic Wisdom

Soul Whisperer, Tony Mills of Energetic Wisdom


Tony Mills, of Energetic Wisdom, is a qualified:

  • Osteopath
  • Reiki Master
  • Kinesiologist
  • Geopathic & Electromagnetic Stress consultant
  • Qualified Dowsing professional
  • And has many years experience with a diverse spectrum of clients.

Clients who receive Energetic Wisdom, often experience an immediate improvement in physical health, greater personal empowerment and a deeper sense of well-being and inner peace.

Reaching into his many years of knowledge working with various holistic modalities, Tony explores mind, body, emotional and spiritual aspects of our health, without the need for physical manipulation or psycho-analysing.

Tony has developed unique, and transformative, Energetic Wisdom techniques to locate and harmonise energy blockages in body, mind and spirit.

Energetic Wisdom techniques include dowsing to diagnose energy blockages in the spine, meridians, chakras and energy centres of the body and layers of the aura.  As well as working on imbalances, or negative karma, carried over from past lives.  Once located, these discordant energies are harmonised, facilitating emotional release, spiritual integration and a detoxification of the whole system.

Tony assists his clients using the Living Lens and with the assistance of his Spirit Guides.  With his kind manner and fun-loving nature, the whole process can often be both enjoyable and emotionally profound.

Tony helps clients with a vast array of issues, from emotional to physical.  Clients have consulted Tony to assist with their feeling of being ‘stuck’ in life and not moving forward to debilitating illnesses.

Consultations are provided in Christchurch, Lymington and Romsey.

Tony’s wife Annie is also his business partner. She manages the business and organises Tony’s diary and, as she also has a deep understanding of Tony’s work, she can answer most of your questions. Annie can be reach on 07745 803307 (she is happy to call you back if you do not have a good call plan), or via the Contact Form. However, should you like to discuss your needs with Tony, Annie can also schedule a convenient time for you both to connect.


Sylvia W, Mallorca, Spain.  I had two sessions with Tony over the last 3 months. The first one ended a period of a problems between me and my husband. The second session was due to a sudden pain that I started experiencing.
Tony was kind enough to see me that very same day, even though it was the Sunday. He very quickly found the origins of the pain and helped me clear some emotional issues that were stressing me out in the week prior.
That same night I was able to sleep all night without any further pain which was very comforting. Also, my negative thoughts which were the cause of my stress, disappeared entirely.  It’s now been 3 weeks since I saw Tony and I am still free from my fears and worries and the general state of my emotions is calm and content.

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Hampshire Client.I’ve been struggling for 38 years with many complex gut and digestion issues, candida, parasites, viruses, severe food intolerances, and gut dysbiosis which has been incredibly stubborn. Over that time I have seen conventional specialists and had hospital investigations (which all came to nought), and many healers and therapists of all kinds. You name it, and I have done it, in an effort to fix these issues. I have taken many, many supplements over those years too. A huge amount of time and money has been spent.

I have now had three sessions with Tony, and the results have been nothing short of miraculous, given that I have been battling with these problems for almost four decades. In the first session, Tony cleared the candida and parasites, and after three sessions my gut and digestion are much calmer, and I am starting to eat things that I haven’t been able to eat for years. I was once told by a specialist that I would ‘never, ever’ be able to eat eggs, as I had such a severe reaction to them; but now I can have two a day with no problem at all. It’s almost hard for me to believe, but I am just so incredibly grateful, and I only wish I had found Tony earlier. His healing is incredibly powerful. I would recommend anyone to see him, whatever ails them!


Distance or Remote Healing

Tony & Annie work together during a distance healing.

Tony and his wife Annie are business partners. Annie manages the business and organises Tony’s diary.


If you are unable to see Tony at any of clinics in south Hampshire, you may like to consider distance healing. As humans, we are holographic beings, existing in both a physical and energetic form, and due to this, Tony is able to safely access the client’s system.   This may sound impossible, however many therapists are able to work in this way. Tony will require a photo of you, and will use this to focus in on your energetic systems.

The cost to see Tony in person is £65. For distance healing, the cost is £80, which includes a report of Tony’s findings and what he has worked on. Pre-payment can be made by bank transfer.

– Before the session begins, drink a glass of water. This helps with energetic access.
– Ensure your mobile phone is turned off or onto silent so it will not disturb you. If you have a home phone, set to silent also.
– At the designated time, either lay down and rest or sleep. Or sit quietly, resting or meditating. Avoid reading, or listening to music that has words, as this engages your brain. Meditative gentle music is fine. If you cannot be at peace at home, a walk in nature is also good.
– The session takes around one hour. After an hour has passed, rise gently, and drink a large glass of water. Continue to drink a glass of water each hour or so, for the next 3 days. Of course, do avoid drinking a couple of hours before bed to ensure a good night’s sleep. This will help to flush out the energetic toxins that Tony will have worked on and bring your body back into balance. It is recommended that you drink at least eight glasses of eight ounces water per day.
– Tony’s work can be very powerful, so you may feel very tired afterwards. Plan for a restful day to allow your system to adjust. Some clients have reported feelings of sadness after a session. This is perfectly normal, and a sign that your system is releasing deep trauma or negative memories. Drinking water will help this pass.
– You will then receive a report by email within 24 hours, summarising the session.

The Living Lens is a very powerful healing instrument and often creates profound positive change in one session. However, it is recommended to have at least three sessions for the best outcome. We recommend the first two to be a week apart, then the third session two to three weeks later. This allows time for your system to adjust, and for you to reflect and assess what else you need assistance with.

Tony’s wife Annie is also his business partner. She manages the business and organises Tony’s diary and, as she also has a deep understanding of Tony’s work, she can answer most of your questions. Annie can be reach on 07745 803307 (she is happy to call you back if you do not have a good call plan), or via the contact form. However, should you like to discuss your needs with Tony, Annie can also schedule a convenient time for you both to connect.

Email Tony and Annie for more information and to book.



Michaela, London.UK.  My mum would like to send her thanks for the distance healing. I read out the detailed report to her over the phone  it all makes complete sense to both of us, every single bit of it. She does feel better already, no mental chatter and has been doing things around the house!  I forgot to tell you that after the last distance healing, a lump that my mum had on her back for months disappeared.  What you both do is invaluable, thank you once again.

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Gordana. USA. Distance Session of 11yr old child with stutter I am so happy to say that we are both doing so much better. Rade’s speech improved by 80%.

CB, London.UK.  Thanks so much for your work this morning. I felt a lot of energy moving in a large area oval-shaped from lower heart chakra area to a few inches above the navel. Then the same energy moving about in my brain. I went out after and felt the blurry border between me and people walking past was gone.  I was able to have a social evening out and connect with people. In fact the night before was the first night I slept the whole night and felt my bed was comfy. So you started the work before at another level.”

Lynsey Black, Dumfries, Scotland, UK.  My  4-year-old suffered from acid reflux from birth which became a burden  on  her more as she got older.  After contacting Tony he was able to work  his  magic via distance healing and clear the problem. My daughter is  much more at ease and lives  a happier life without the pain of acid reflux. Many thanks Tony.

Cindy Shilton, Northampton, UK. Negative / Discordant Energies – I  was going about my normal  day when I very suddenly felt completely  drained of energy.  My whole  body ached and felt like lead and I felt  cold and shivery.  I knew I was  not ill as such but could not  understand what was happening to me.  His wife, Annie stepped into my energy field and immediately felt a discordant energy in my throat chakra. Tony checked  my aura and found it was closed down. Tony removed this negative energy and rechecked my aura and found it to be fully restored and strong.  After the healing I felt so much better.

Anna A, Northampton, UK.  I do feel great since ! I feel fantastic, much more calmer, joyful and  much more kinder to others than usual.

Margaret McDougall – USA I  have suffered from very cold feet for a long time.  Tony did some  healing on them and now i have lovely “toasty” feet and no longer need  my bed-socks, ahhhhh so great to have them “alive” again. Thank you  Tony.

Christine Roberts, Wales. UK.  Feel good ..feel normal ..I haven’t felt like this in ages. Thank you so much.  Can I ask what you did because I’m amazed !!


Contact Tony by email or call (+44) 07445 693 111 to enquire or book your first consultation.