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May 28, 2017

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How Emotions Affect Health & Well-Being

How Emotions Affect Health & Well-Being

How Our Emotions Affect Our Health & Well-Being

As a Soul Whisperer, my job is to communicate with my clients’ Higher Self, and ask which damaging emotions have been stored within the body.  Each imbalance can be attributed to certain negative emotions.  Let me explain. Challenges will always confront us in life, but it is how we deal with them that will contribute to our health and well-being. Or in the case of emotional or physical pain and discomfort, it is often because we have not taken positive action. If we confront our challenges head on, in a proactive way, looking for solutions and putting our welfare and best interests first, then life can flow through and around us with ease and joy.

The opposite is true when we try to ignore our challenges.  We usually do this due to fear that if we choose to take positive action, it will be emotionally very difficult.  We know that we need to act positively, but fear keeps us from doing so.  Unfortunately, the negative emotional challenge that we are dealing with cannot be released from our body until resolution takes place, so the emotion then crystallises in the body and the result is often pain and discomfort and our mental health and well-being can also be affected.

Issues such as back pain and depression are very common in today’s world, and I help many people overcome these.  As a former osteopath, I realised that manipulation was not always the answer, and through a process, I then learnt how to hear the bodies message, and help it release it’s hurt using what would be termed ‘energy healing’.

What lies beneath

To find out what is causing the ill health and discomfort in your body, we need to look at what lies beneath.

“It is very common that those that seek my help, experience profound change after just one session, and after a few sessions working down through the many built up layers, positive transformation has taken place”. 

On my Facebook Page I asked what physical or emotional challenges people were experiencing.  Following are the topics discussed.  If you have an issue you would like to know more about, visit my Facebook Page and look for the Pinned post with this subject and ask your question in the comment box.  Alternatively, book an appointment to see me in person.  See below for where I provide consultations.

These are a result of our soul trying to communicate with us, and we refuse to listen. The emotion behind the condition comes from a desire for more personal freedom and time, but you do not know how to go about it. There is a tendency to take on a lot of work even though you find the load too heavy. It is heavy because you exaggerate the importance of small problems. You worry too much. You find life weighty and unwieldy, but you continue to push yourself.
Allow yourself a little time to put your feet up and relax without guilt and without feeling that you are not pulling your weight. Listen to your heart and it will guide you in the direction towards what you really want.

Like other conditions, this goes back to your childhood when you felt that you were not given a voice by others’. Very often there is a feeling of humiliation resulting in a lack of self love. There will be a fear of self expression, as at one stage of your life you have been made to believe that it has been inappropriate. It relates to the throat Chakra, which relates to expressing your personal power. As you have not expressed what you feel, because, no way do you want to offend or upset others, there has built up inside you a deep sense of frustration and anxiety, together with a rage at being left out. (This can all be in the subconscious). It is time to make more requests as to what you really want . This will honour your ‘I AM’.

Spider veins can have a similar program to varicose veins, as the blood system represents joy in our lives. There is a stagnation of joy occurring. We can not wait for someone or something to bring us joy. We must let go of any resistance and create that joy. Start now. Do not wait.

The emotional cause of fibroids can be due to a rejection of femininity, sexuality, womanhood and/or motherhood, resulting in unexpressed guilt, shame, inner confusion or past hurts and abuse for being female. It can also be attributed to regret regarding losing or absence of a baby. This sense of loss can come from an abortion, miscarriage, as well as a self-reproach or guilt on a decision as not to have children.
Strong physical conditions reflect deep unexpressed feelings. For a stroke:As blood flow represents the flow of love and joy, which when constricted and compressed emotionally, sometimes due to an intense hidden bitterness there may be a subconscious death wish and a rejection of life. The feelings can come from believing that there is a lack of recognition and support in ones life so would rather die than change.
The solution: Welcome change with open arms and be as adaptable as possible to the new. This allows joy and love to flow again.

There is a strong refusal to let go of the past, to the extent of the past ruling today.If you feel nothing has change, nothing will change.. Tied in with this is the fear of the future. There is a conflict over how to get life and love-support over relationship and commitment. There is a problem in trying to keep grounded and the same time to further oneself.

“With my Energetic Wisdom techniques, the crystalised emotions in the system can be cleared. I can provide help either in a face to face appointment, or for those not living in or near to Hampshire, by Distance Healing”.

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