30th June 2019
Venue: Private address, Salford, Manchester. M6 8FZ
Cost: £ 250

Living Lens Holistic Healing Training: Manchester

Living Lens Holistic Healing Training: Manchester


You don’t need to be a therapist to use the Living Lens

Would you like to reveal a happier, healthier version of yourself? 

The Living Lens holistic health disk is your very own personal, on demand, holistic health device that can be used discreetly almost anywhere.

Join the one-day training and learn how to use the Living Lens to clear old thought patterns that are holding you back.

With the Living Lens holistic health device, you can quickly re-wire your brain with a process called Neuro Pathway Regeneration. NPR clears the way for a happier, healthier version of yourself to be revealed.  And, as an extra bonus, you will also be able to help your family and friends become a better version of themselves too.

Before continuing, read more about the Living Lens on this page


Living Lens Healing Disk Training

Living Lens Healing Disk training is provided to a maximum of 8 people at a time.


“A hidden gem, like the ‘magic wand’ you wished you had hidden under your chair, the Lens locates the trigger, targets the bull’s eye, re-formats  the hard drive, and restores the system back to its full potential.”  Zoe, Manchester.

The Living Lens holistic health disk was channelled to Soul Whisperer, Tony Mills, in a vision from Higher Source many years ago.

The Living Lens is a small round healing device that is held in the palm of the hand while repeating certain affirmations.  When used precisely, the Living Lens has the power to rapidly bring about positive change.

As an integral part of his work with clients, if you have ever worked with Tony, then you would have most likely held this device in your hand.

Transforming lives is a cliché and a big claim, but that is exactly what the Living Lens holistic health disk can do when applied precisely and wisely.

Read more about the Living Lens on this page


  • Introduction to the Living Lens holistic health disk – its origin, sacred purpose and care.
  • The fundamentals of Neuro Pathway Regeneration and how we can apply this to re-wire our brain.
  • Muscle testing as a basic tool of detection and how to interpret the truths recorded and held in the body.
  • How to use your own body as a self-testing tool.
  • Learn about the very common problem of parasitic negative energy attachment and using the Living Lens holistic health disk to safely, and efficiently remove them from yourself and others.
  • You will gain an understanding of neurological switching.  How this negatively impacts us. How to detect this in yourself and others.  And how to correct this imbalance.
  • Detecting hidden, non-beneficial programs and how to use the Living Lens holistic health disk to clear these.
  • How to use the Living Lens holistic health disk to ‘feed’ positive affirmations into the energetic system.

TESTIMONIAL from Andrea who has received the training.

“Thank you so much for today it was truly outstanding.  I’m blown away by this.  I’ve done MANY, MANY workshops on my journey and this truly takes it to another level.  I gained so much from the day and am so excited to discover all the ways the Living Lens will help me.  Having browsed the members-only Facebook Group and from reading the posts I realise just how much potential there is with the Living Lens.  

I love the fact that you keep the group nice and small and your style of teaching is fabulous.  There is literally nothing I would have changed about the day.  Again, thank you”.

Are you willing to investigate the deeper, underlying programs that are holding you back?  If the answer is yes, then learning how to use a Living Lens will greatly facilitate the positive change you desire.


The Living Lens holistic health disk is small enough to carry around with you at all times.  The Living Lens is your very own 24/7 holistic health practitioner and will serve you well in times of need.

The outcome of this Living Lens workshop is that you will have learnt how to use the Living Lens holistic health disk yourself. Additionally, you will have also cleared many of your own energy blockages as the training progressed.  Thus enabling you to leave confident in your own progress to a better and healthier version of you.


IMPORTANT:  This training is for anyone over the age of 21, and is especially useful for family use.  It is for non-professional use at this time, although we have plans to create a professionally recognised affiliated training level.  The present training will be a foundation to the next level.



Sunday 30th June, 2019

Time: 10.30 am  – 6 pm.


Private address, Salford, Manchester.


£250. You will receive a Living Lens holistic healing disk training manual and your own Living Lens holistic healing disk that is yours to keep.


  • Couples receive a £50 discount off the total cost.   We offer this discount as it is of great benefit for couples to both know how to use the Living Lens.  This can have very positive effects on both the relationship and many other areas of their life.  As a couple, you can support each other with your journey with the Living Lens.  Unfortunately, this offer is not available for friends who wish to train together.



Full payment of £250- is required to reserve your place on this training day.  

A maximum of 8 attendees ensures quality and plenty of individual attention for each participant.  So don’t delay in booking or you may miss the opportunity to join this training day.


Read more about this amazing device on this page


Attendees of the 1st Living Lens Reunion on Mallorca, Spain

Attendees of the 1st Living Lens Reunion on Mallorca, Spain



  • Having taken this training, you will receive invites to our FREE Living Lens On-Line Webinars.
    • These offer a great opportunity to ask Tony questions about how to better apply your Living Lens to your specific issue and to gain added insight from each of the other participants.
    • Gain more insights into the many ways that the Living Lens can be applied.
    • Attended by people from the USA, UK and Europe
  • An additional bonus is that you will also be able to retake the training once more, at no extra cost. Yes, no cost!
    • We offer this great opportunity as we want you to get the best understanding of how to apply the Living Lens for your own needs.
    • As you will be bringing valuable experience, questions, and insight with you, we value your attendance at our training events.
    • Your attendance helps those that are new to the Living Lens learn from your experience.
    • Additional resits are charged at only £50 and you can re-sit as many times as you feel necessary.  We want you to get the most from your Living Lens.
  • Be a part of our members-only Facebook Group, where we discuss all things Living Lens.
    • Post your questions and receive enlightening feedback from others.
    • Share your own insights and suggestions.
    • In the Files section, you will find additional resources.


Read more about this amazing device on this page

Contact us to book your place.

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