25th August 2019
Venue: Live & Online From Your Computer
Cost: £ 35

LIVE & ONLINE Group Holistic Healing Workshop: Sunday 25th August

LIVE & ONLINE Group Holistic Healing Workshop: Sunday 25th August

Transformation with the Soul Whisperer

Join Tony for his live and online Group Holistic Healing Workshop with an intimate gathering of only four participants. 

While using a very easy to use a system called Zoom, which is like Skype but much better, you will be able to see and hear the other participants.  This modern way of meeting Tony allows you to do so from the comfort of your own home.  Wearing your fluffy slippers if you prefer.

As the workshop is only available to a small number of people, it promises to be very a special, and even profound experience.  The online workshop may be attended by participants from more than one country, or you can gather your own friends and create your own personal workshop.  Contact Tony if this is your preference, as he will be able to offer other dates to better suit your group if you prefer.

Using the same online video conferencing system to meet with his clients in a private appointment, Tony has had much success assisting hundreds of people to become a happier, healthier version of themselves.  Following on from this success, he is now extending this opportunity to small groups.


Energetic Wisdom is a holistic healing system for balancing, healing and harmonising all aspects of a person – body, mind, emotions, and spirit.


Soul Whisperer, Tony Mills


Born and raised in north Wales, Tony Mills began working as a therapist over 30 years ago. After learning various healing techniques, including massage, kinesiology and becoming a Reiki Master and Osteopath, Tony then realised he was a channel of Higher Energies and was being given information that finally led him to the work he does today.




When we repress emotions, because they are too painful or overwhelming to us, they still function within, as crystallised energy and can affect every aspect of our lives. These emotions, when not addressed, can also lead to physical dis-ease and dis-comfort.  It is the repression and denial of the feelings that give them their power. Using Energetic Wisdom techniques, a return to balance is often quickly achieved, without the need for psychoanalysing, making it one of the quickest and easiest forms of therapy around today.


Our negative emotions can lead to dis-ease and dis-comfort.


With his compassionate manner, during this Online Group Holistic Healing Workshop, Soul Whisperer, Tony Mills will locate areas of blockages in each person and offer insights into why these have occurred.  Then with the aid of his Spirit Guides and the Living Lens, will assist each person in releasing the energetic blockages that are causing the physical or emotional dis-ease or dis-comfort.

Tony uses dowsing to discover blockages and is also guided intuitively.  Using his own healing methods, which are empowered by the application of the Living Lens, Tony works with a process called Neuro Pathway Regeneration, clearing old thought pathways in the brain.


Energetic Wisdom and the Living Lens are like the ‘magic wand’ you had always wished for.  

They locate the trigger, target the bulls’ eye, reformat the hard drive,

and restore the system back to its full potential in a very short time.



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During this Online Group Holistic Healing Workshop, you will receive personal healing and gain wisdom and insights that will help you make positive choices in your life.



VENUE: From the comfort of your own home.

DATE:  Sunday 25th August 2019

TIME: 7 pm – 9 pm UK Time (Not in the UK? When you click the Purchase Ticket link, you can select your time zone).

TICKET: Introductory fee of only £35

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  • This workshop can only proceed with a minimum of four participants.  Feel free to invite your friends.
  • After booking onto this online holistic healing group workshop, you will receive an email with more details on how to access the workshop and other important information.
  • Only the workshops participants are permitted in the room with you during the workshop.  Therefore, if you do not live alone, you need to be in a separate room where you will not be disturbed.  Therefore, please ensure family members and pets remain in a separate room.



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