As we move along our spiritual path, focus must also be given to our base or root chakra health.


The root or base chakra relates to the connection to our father.  Any kind of abuse from the father or another authority figure can set up a trauma that can reverberate throughout our lives.  Similarly, if the father had experienced abuse as a child we unknowingly can feel the pain, especially when feeling close to the father.

Birth trauma can similarly create ‘shock waves’ throughout one’s life, to the extent of post-traumatic stress.

What is very often, overlooked, is the absence of a positive father figure.  Either an abandonment or rejection situation, the father working long hours, or the father being either mentally or emotionally absent.


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An imbalance in the root chakra can lead to fear and insecurity.

Fear which started as a birth or childhood trauma, creating a fright, or freeze ( due to terror) response, which affects the adrenals, releasing cortisol into the body and, subsequently creating various physical challenges to the body.  The response can also affect the thyroid gland. The end result is hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid), or in severe cases Hashimoto’s Disease.

Without the presence of a strong fatherly protector (the mother relates to being nurtured) is to feel unsafe and unprotected, not finding a ‘home on earth’, and being ‘unable to put down roots’, and feeling disconnected from the earth.

The physical areas that can be affected are the legs and pelvis, reproductive organs, bladder, Structularly it can result in being flat-footed, lack of grace in the legs, and an inflexible pelvis.


There is also a connection with the Crown Chakra.

When there has been early trauma and any kind of disconnection there is a tendency to escape to the crown chakra, where there is a big disconnection, not just from the earth, but also the infinite, leaving one feeling spacy and not grounded.


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