Living Lens

The Living Lens Healing Disk

The sacred geometric pattern of the Living Lens was channelled to Tony by his Spirit Guides.  Appearing to him in the early hours of the morning, as if in a waken dream, it’s purpose was unclear at the time.  This was only later understood when he decided to bring the symbol alive in the form of a disk, which he now calls the Living Lens.  Tony discovered that the Living Lens very efficiently brings hidden negative feelings to the forefront of the consciousness and releases them.  To Tony’s knowledge, there is nothing quite like the Living Lens in the world.

Combining positive commands and affirmations, while simply holding the Living Lens in each hand, strengthens the emotional aspect of the energetic field.  The true beauty of this system is that it is very direct and simple and when applied accurately can produce amazingly rapid positive results.


Just one incredible story about the power of the Living Lens

This took place the day Tony, and his wife Annie, went hiking in the mountains of Mallorca.  They had estimated that the hike would take about 3 to 4 hours.  However, after 7 hours they had still not reached their destination.  The light was fading and Annie felt exhausted, but she knew she had to find the energy to not only keep going, but to speed up before the light totally went out of the sky.  This was when Annie turned to the Living Lens disk to clear the feeling of exhaustion and immediately, she was filled with so much energy that she took off almost running.

Yes, hard to believe, but that is the power of the Living Lens !

Living Lens Training

By providing to small groups, the Living Lens training is kept very personal.

Learn how to use the Living Lens yourself

Learning how to use the Living Lens yourself is like having your very own 24-hour therapist.

The Living Lens is a multi-dimensional tool, and the many ways of using it are still being discovered.

Training is one full day, from 10.30 am to 6 pm and usually takes place in Milford on Sea, Hampshire, which is where Tony and his wife and business partner Annie live.   To ensure both quality and personal attention, the training is provided to less than 8 people at a time.

Visit the Events page for scheduled training or contact us to enquire.

TESTIMONIAL from Andrea, Wales who has received the training.

“I just want to say thank you so much for today it was truly outstanding.  I’m blown away by this, as I have done MANY, MANY workshops on my journey and this truly takes it to another level.  Having gained so much from the day I am so excited to discover all the ways the Living Lens will help me.  I have browsed the (private members only) Facebook Group and from reading the posts I realise just how much potential there is with the Living Lens.

I love the fact that you keep the group nice and small and your style of teaching is fabulous.  There is literally nothing I would have changed about the day.  Again, thank you, Andrea”.


TESTIMONIAL from Zoe, Manchester, who has received the training.

“An honour to be in the presence of such a wise Master. Tony is the most genuine, sincere, and humblest of life’s characters, working purely, and immediately, from the core essence of his Soul, direct to your own.

A privilege to share such an exciting, powerful, and transformative time with equal, like-minded individuals, in an equally safe, non-judgmental, and exploratory space.

A hidden gem, like the “magic wand” you wished you had hidden under your chair, the Lens locates the trigger, targets the bullseye, reformats  the hard drive, and restores
the system back to its full potential.

Be prepared to discover the real you as the Living Lens training will change your life. “



Once you have received the training, you can then re-attend future training at no extra cost if there is space available. This helps you to have a deeper understanding and also helps the new trainees, as you will bring your insights and questions to the group that they may not think to ask.


You will also receive an invitation to join our Living Lens video conferencing.  These are also free, and you can attend from the comfort of your own home.  Attendees from the USA, Spain and UK meet to discuss different aspects of using the Living Lens.    Meetings take place every 2 months.


QUESTION: Why is the Living Lens training only offered to a maximum of eight people at a time?

ANSWER: To ensure that everyone receives the personal attention they require, we limit the maximum number of attendees to eight people.   This, in turn, enables us to offer the training in one afternoon.

QUESTION:  Are there plans to offer the Living Lens training to therapists for professional use?

ANSWER:  Yes. We have plans to provide an advanced level of training soon.  However, the current level will be a foundation to the professional training,    Although the non-professional training allows individuals to address many emotional and physical imbalances, the professional level for therapists will go deeper into addressing the physiological, and energetic aspects of many more systems of the body.

QUESTION:  How often does the Living Lens training take place?

ANSWER: On average every 2 months.

QUESTION:  How much does the non-professional training cost?

ANSWER:  The Living Lens training is £350 and comes with many extras.  These include:

  • Free refresher training opportunities
  • Invitations to attend our online video conferencing meetings, which are also free.
  • Membership to our private Facebook Group where you will find a lot more resources and useful information.
  • Continual support from Tony.

QUESTION:  Is there anything else I should know.

ANSWER: Many have stated that the Living Lens is one of the best ‘tools’ for health and well-being.  As far as we know, applying the Living Lens is the only system in the world that can address so many layers of the human system in a direct and efficient way.

People often remark on how impressed they are by the power of the Living Lens.


We currently offer the training on a regular basis in Northampton and Hampshire.

If you are planning to travel to Milford on Sea, Hampshire for the training, you may like to consider staying a few days.  Due to its proximity to the New Forest National Park as well as the sea, with a view of the Isle of Wight, Milford on Sea is a very popular holiday destination.

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Visit Events page for scheduled training and more information.