Oct 20, 2019

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The Metaphysical Causes of Endometriosis

The Metaphysical Causes of Endometriosis

  The Metaphysical Causes of Endometriosis

Before I explain the emotional, or the metaphysical causes of endometriosis, I will first explain what it manifests as in the physical.

Endometriosis occurs when part of the lining of the uterus (the endometrium) backs up into the fallopian tubes and into the pelvic cavity where it sticks to the organs and/or the pelvic wall and continues to function as uterine tissue.

The condition of endometriosis from the metaphysical perspective can be a fear of baring children or the fear of the consequence of childbirth.  This can include feelings of complications and discomfort during pregnancy and even childbirth itself.

Endometriosis can carry a deeply hidden fear of dying or suffering in the process of delivery.  This can be compounded if the mother had difficulties during birth.

There can also be a deep ancestral program, when very strong can pour through into our lives like a wave.


The Origins of the Emotions That Trigger the Metaphysical Cause of Endometriosis

A lack of self-love and insecurity may have originated in childhood, resulting in a held in blame which resulted in blaming oneself. This may be a result of rejecting one’s femininity and personal power.

There may be a deep disappointment in the self, together with an unresolved deep sadness and frustration.


According to Louise L. Hay, in her book ” Heal Your Body”, endometriosis probable cause of endometriosis relates to dissapointment, insecurity and frustration, replacing self-love with sugar and blaming.



The womb represents creativity in creating a child, therefore endometriosis represents blocked creativity and passion for life.

With endometriosis, independence can also be challenged, as to be attached to independence is the time one feels most powerful.  Having a child may challenge that independence, resulting in feeling controlled and trapped.

Any past abuse or ill-treatment may result in a feeling of resentment at being a female.  To tap into a female collective consciousness carrying a belief that women cannot speak up.


According to Louise L. Hay, the probable cause of endometriosis was a long-standing emotional problem not solved.


I share more information about this subject on my YouTube video.


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  1. Oh my god…. this is shockingly, startlingly, accurate. I feel actually kind of spooked because I am typically skeptical of metaphysical explanations and I feel that this comment will not be as eloquent as I would like. But my diagnosis is new, and I found your site on a random whim….. I feel bewildered and as if I’ve been seen through. And true to my nature, which was called out in this video/article, that brings up feelings of fear.. Well, thank you. I don’t know where to go from here but I’ll probably be watching that video six more times.

    • Tony Mills says:

      Hello Rae, thank you for following my videos. Not only can I find the emotional and spiritual causes of physical challenges, but I can also address them by video or distance with a photograph. The video is Zoom and it will be as if you would be in the same room as me. I have had some amazing results. If you have any further questions, please contact me using my contact form.

      Warm wishes
      Tony Mills

  2. Lucie Lamerre says:

    Honestly, I am shocked at how spot on this is for me… Thank you for that huge insight. First time it is making sense for me

  3. Im horrified at this blog.
    Endometriosis is a horrible condition which affects a close relative of mine.
    This blog article is insulting and inaccurate and borders on victim blaming.
    Really surprised at you Tony for repeating this rubbish.

    • Web Developer says:

      Hello Rachel, I apologise if this has upset you, and you are right, endometriosis can be a horrible condition. There is no one to blame here, as there will be deep hidden painful feelings which have tried to be emotionally accepted but have eventually been expressed in the body, as it is the final area of expression.

      The information has come from “Metaphysical Anatomy” by Evette Rose, “Messages from the Body” by Lincoln, and ” Your body’s telling you Love Yourself” by Lise Bourbeau.

      If you want a simpler version which has transformed people’s lives by releasing the painful truth carried by the body: “Heal Your Body” by Louise L. Hay.

      The information within these books, when acted upon, has transformed thousands of lives throughout the world.

      To just smile on the outside without addressing the crying on the inside does not change anything. When we face up to the painful truths inside, there is an opportunity to heal.

      Warm wishes,
      Tony Mills

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