Oct 15, 2019

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Metaphysical Causes of Gum & Dental Problems

Metaphysical Causes of Gum & Dental Problems

Metaphysical Causes of Gum & Dental Problems

There are quite a few metaphysical causes of gum and dental problems. We were given an amazing dental set for biting and chewing, which can represent a built-in aggressive expression of having to look after ourselves; “getting our teeth into things”,  baring our teeth, and a willingness to stand up and fight. 

When suppressed dental problems can result in a feeling of overwhelm, feeling compelled to take responsibility and “biting off more than one can chew.”

The metaphysics of chronic dental problems can also reflect probable unresolved issues that have spanned many lifetimes.



The Metaphysics of Bad or Decaying Teeth

There may be a difficulty expressing our aggression.  The collective problem, especially in western civilization, relates to being socially acceptable.  This results in a deeply suppressed aggression lying beneath dental problems.  Hospitals are full of such people.

Our vitality or life force is reflected in our teeth.  The saying to “never look a gift horse in the mouth” relates, to not just checking a horse’s age, but it’s vitality.  Losing teeth can relate to losing energy.

When I was a child with dental or gum problems, there was a big move by the dentist to extract any decaying tooth, until they realised that it was better to save the teeth, as it can affect the dental integrity of the mouth.

Wearing dentures, meanwhile, makes it possible to simulate a vitality and a self-assertiveness that we no longer possess.  Like other prostheses, it has become a deception, as it is paying someone else to ‘show your teeth’ for you.


According to Louise L. Hay, teeth problems relate to longstanding indecisiveness and an inability to break down ideas for analysis and decisions.  This is especially true of root canal work.


The Metaphysics of  Teeth Grinding & Gum Problems

Teeth grinding can relate to not ‘getting a grip’ on something that is  ‘hard to chew’.   To prevent the dental grinding at night, which is when we are still with time to go over the day’s problems, a brace can be fitted.  This can symbolically represent our inability to “snap at people” that has been a challenge during the day.

The gums represent the foundation of our teeth and therefore there is an inability to back up decisions, reflecting a lack of positivity.  By the same token, the gums represent our basis for confidence and self-assurance.

Bleeding gums are a result of inflammation (anger and resentment) at putting up with unjustified conditions. One’s confidence and self-assurance, together with joy, can drain away when there are demands on our vitality.

Swollen gums can be due to deep-seated grief over insufficient nurturing.  As to receding gums, there is frustration and anger at how life is going.




The Metaphysics of Specific Teeth

Upper teeth   Problems with our own authority.

Lower teeth  Resisting responsibility and receiving.

Right teeth  Unresolved issues with the father.

Left teeth  Unresolved issues with the mother.


According to Dr Michell Caffin,( https://www.michelecaffin-decryptagedentaire.com) an oral surgeon, he found that the different quadrants of the mouth related to certain feelings:


8 Upper right teeth Difficulty finding a place in the outside world.

8 Upper left teeth Difficulty in fulfilling the desire to be.

8 Lower right Problems making a concrete plan

8 Lower left  Lack of emotional recognition within the family.


The Incisors relate to being eroded by others. People wearing us down.

Wisdom teeth represent feelings of neglect and rejection as a child.


According to Louise L. Hay in her book, Heal Your Body, the probable cause was not giving yourself mental space to create a firm foundation.

By applying Energetic Wisdom methods I have had a deeper insight into understanding the root cause of health and well-being challenges.

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