To find out if you have a negative entity attachment, ask yourself:

  • Have you ever suddenly felt very ill and couldn’t understand why?
  • Have you been in a bad mood for no apparent reason?
  • Or suddenly not felt quite yourself?
These are common imbalances in many of my clients, and upon investigating, the cause was often found to be due to a negative entity attachment.  OK, I  realise that may sound rather far-fetched to some of you reading this, but these negative entities are a fact of life and acknowledged in many spiritual texts.
If I was to ask ‘Do you believe in Angels?’ you would probably say you do.  So why is it you do not allow yourself to believe in the possibility of negative entity attachments?

So why do we attract negative entity attachments?  What do they want?

The simple answer is that they are opportunistic parasites which take hold of us when we are feeling energetically weakened or vulnerable.  To my understanding, some of them experiment on us by provoking negative emotions and imbalances, such as illness or pain and even mental illness, so they can better understand us.  Others are simply feeding on our energy.


Lacking compassion, they do not feel our pain and it is doubtful they care. 

Removing a negative entity attachment is very important to one’s mental, emotional and physical well-being and unfortunately, they are very common.  

A high percentage of people are affected by these energies.


The good news is, negative entity attachments can be safely cleared.

With the aid of my Spirit Guide, I can safely remove negative entity attachments.  After clearing, a feeling of well-being soon returns.

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Cindy, Northampton, UK.

I very suddenly felt completely drained of energy.  My whole body ached and felt like lead and I felt cold and shivery. I knew I was not ill as such but could not understand what was happening to me.  I contacted Tony for remote healing, and he found a negative entity attachment around my throat chakra. Tony also found my aura closed down. He removed this negative entity attachment and rechecked my aura and found it to be fully restored and strong.  Soon after the healing, I felt much better.

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Homes Can Also Be Affected.

Negative entity attachments can also take up residence in our home.  This can result in not feeling comfortable in your home.  If you are trying to sell your home, prospective buyers can also be put off by also feeling something isn’t quite right in the feeling of the home.  Find out what can be done by visiting my House Harmonising page.


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