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Red 9 Property Harmonising

Houses, especially old ones, have lots of energetic imprints from previous occupants which can negatively affect the present occupants.  Then there is the modern problem of being weakened by electromagnetic frequencies, such as from Wi-Fi, electric cables and satellite dishes, as well as from  geopathic stress under the property.   However,  a solution is to have your home harmonised and a have a Red 9 House Harmoniser installed.  More information below and also on this page.


For all properties including;

  • Childrens nurseries
  • Schools
  • Homes
  • Offices

PLEASE NOTE: Tony Mills must personally visit your property to undertake the harmonisation service. Available in UK & Europe only. Please contact Tony to enquire.  

Protect all your family or occupants of your business, with a Red 9 Property Harmonisation service. This is a very unique service as Tony Mills of Energetic Wisdom will personally visit your home to not only harmonise it from the effects of geopathic and electromagnetic frequencies, he will also call upon his Spirit Guides to assist him in clearing out all negative and discordant energies.  The impact of this can even result in problem neighbours moving away, however the first inhabitants in the home to notice the positive difference will be the pets.  Animals have been noted to do their best to try to protect their human family, and will ‘sacrifice’ themselves by spending a lot of time in a place of discordant energies.

Once Tony has harmonised your home, and all occupants of your home (up to 10 people included in price), he will install a beautiful and very powerful Red 9 House Harmoniser that will continue to provide protection from electromagnetic and geopathic frequencies.

The Red 9 Home and Office harmoniser is imbued with a sacred energy and is strategically placed to increase the energy emitted by the harmoniser to cover an approximate area of 55 meter (180 feet) radius (sufficient for most homes and offices) and will harmonise and balance the area from harmful distorted electromagnetic frequencies (such as from Wi-Fi)  geopathic stress (caused by underground water streams and rock formations).

You can read more about why a Home Harmoniser should be an integral part of every home on this page.


Cost of full service, which includes Tony visiting your home to harmonise and balance the energies and installing a Red 9 Harmoniser, which will be like the one depicted in the photo, is £350 plus any travel related costs.

Please contact us to enquire and arrange a visit.