Apr 13, 2016

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Questions & Answers – About Arthritis

QUESTION: “I suffer from arthritis, as do many of my family. Is this something you could help us with?”

ANSWER: Arthritis is an inflammation that affects the joints. All forms of ‘-itis’ are some sort of inflammation, wherever it appears. Physical inflammation is a manifestation of an emotional irritation. When this ‘irritation’ is not expressed outwardly and is suppressed, it becomes self irritation. It has been emphasised that it is a hereditary physical condition, however, more often than not, we are unaware that we live our parents and ancestral beliefs, which can trigger an emotional response of anger and resentment.

After some time, if the arthritis is not addressed, the joints begin to seize up and become immovable. This is because our physical form mirrors our emotions. A comparison would be, when a fire has burned for some time ash is produced, which in turn, can choke the fire. At this stage it requires a great effort to make that change, however change is the best solution, or a life of unnecessary pain and discomfort is usually the outcome.

Energetic Wisdom techniques have proved very effective in positively addressing the problem of arthritis.

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