Dec 19, 2017

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Review by Mallorca Celebrant, Glynis German

Review by Mallorca Celebrant, Glynis German

I am always very grateful for any testimonials from my clients, so when Glynis German, a well-known celebrant living on Mallorca, decided to write about her experience of Energetic Wisdom in her Blog I was, of course, delighted.

As a side note, I lived on Mallorca until April 2016, when I moved back to the UK to live in the New Forest, Hampshire.


“I had the pleasure to go see Tony yesterday for an appointment in Energetic Wisdom work and arrived promptly for my appointment at his beautiful cottage in the countryside of Lloseta. The backdrop to the house when I arrived was stunning, the Serra de Tramuntana which never fails to uplift me.

What did I expect? Well first of all good friend,  Marsha had been going on about him any chance she could, so I knew he must have something. I was looking forward to having someone sort out my ankle and shoulder and knowing that he trained originally as an osteopath, I thought if nothing else he could have a quick tweak for me.

I just had to get comfortable in my chair and take in this lovely, kind Welsh man’s wisdom.

Tony Mills, Soul Whisperer

As my appointment earlier in the week had to be cancelled due to a migraine, we decided that this was as good a place to start as any.

My earliest memory of my migraines was the day I started my drama course at Middlesex Poly, back in 1986. I had trekked across London to Golders Green and what with the excitement, nerves and basic stagefright, I ended up crashing in the basement and missing out on most of the day.

With Tony yesterday I made a decision. I no longer need to hide from myself and take to my bed which is the physical requirement for my migraines – pills don’t work for me. It’s time to let them go and so we talked in depth about their meaning and then did some work. This is where my mind has gone blank. I can’t clearly remember what we did and what I can remember I cannot explain. I do know that there were words spoken and energy work done.

The words provoked something in me which was positive and uplifting.

The session was over too soon although it seemed like hours that I was there when in fact it was just over an hour. I was told to drink lots of water and that I might have some reactions such as tiredness or even some emotions might come up. Well, I was immediately shattered. My mind was blank. I picked up second born and a friend from school and they had to get their own lunch as I went for a siesta. I was out like a light.

The most amazing thing about yesterday’s session is that whilst I mentioned my ankle and shoulder to Tony, we left it aside. This pain in my shoulder and the one in my ankle have been there since last autumn which has also been the poorest economic time in my entire life, giving me many a sleepless night and panic attack in the day.

Guess what? No pain since yesterday afternoon!

Tony Mills, Soul Whisperer and Energetic Wisdom worker talks a lot of sense. He’s also meant to do what he does. I look forward to this next phase of my life – thank you, Tony.”


Further to this appointment, Glynis German reported that she had not experienced any more migraines.


If you are ever looking for a wedding celebrant, I can highly recommend the service of Glynis German.  She has a delightful, fun-loving nature and being a resident of Mallorca since many years, she is also very well connected and can guide you in your choice of venue and anything else you might be looking for.  Visit her website.


I help adults and children and offer appointments in person or by Skype/Zoom.

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