Jun 3, 2016

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Self Liberation Through Communication

Self Liberation Through Communication

Self Liberation Through Communication.

One of the best tools in our lives for self transformation is communication.  Men have not fared as well in this field, especially in expressing our emotions.  I am no exception.  Much of this has come from handed down belief systems, such as ‘ big boys don’t cry’.  This resulted in my becoming silent, increasing the frustration of any partner. Women are often seen wanting to control our lives, but silence is an amazing instrument of control.  Passive control demands attention.  As a child we would sulk and if not addressed the child can then take this habit into adult life and can refuse to talk for days.  Making everyone around them suffer.  In the UK the term ‘Sending someone to Coventry’ is widely used.

A great deal of pain is held in our minds, hearts and bodies through not vocalizing what we truly feel. Whenever there is any form of abuse in families or relationships a form of blackmail occurs by the perpetrator to prevent the victim from communicating.  Even in a so called ‘normal family’ the child’s voice can be suppressed by expressions such as,  ‘A child should be seen and not heard’.  Very often, it is a version of our child pain that we express when upset.

Living Lens

I will admit, in the past I have at times just become quiet, as my pride and ego had been hurt and it is at this time it becomes difficult to say “sorry”.  However, when we learn to push through this barrier and that it is OK to do so, there is so much opportunity for much more loving relationships with everyone around us. What we must not do though, is ‘swallow our pride’.   It is another commonly used expression that we use in all innocence, but to ‘swallow our pride’ will literally mean we swallow this emotion and it will be another feeling ‘buried alive’ and our bodies will find ways of communicating that this emotion needs to be dealt with and removed.  In doing this with certain emotions, serious illness, such as cancer can be the result.

Fortunately, there are healing methods today that can uncover the root cause of an illness or disease, and I have made it my lifes work to develop an effective method to help both myself and others. By applying my Energetic Wisdom principals, a return to better health and well-being can take place.

For more on this subject, refer to the inspiring work of Louise L Hay and Karol K. Truman for more on this subject.

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