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Red 9 Harmoniser Devices

Protection from EMFs and geopathic stress

It is very important that we protect ourselves from EMFs and the Red 9 Harmonisers are powerful devices that give proven protection.
Electronic and magnetic fields (EMFs) are invisible areas of energy, often referred to as radiation, that are associated with the use of electrical power and various forms of natural and man-made lighting.

Red 9 Harmonisers. Protection from EMFs

Red 9 Harmonisers and a Red 9 phone sticker

The Red 9 Harmonisers are devices which strengthen the energetic system. and thus protect it, from the weakening effects of distorted electromagnetic frequencies and geopathic stress.

Electromagnetic frequencies are from EMFs, Wi-Fi, power cables etc.

Geopathic stress is from underground water streams and rock formations.

These frequencies have been proven to weaken the human energetic system, and thus be detrimental to the health. To learn more about EMFs and why we must be protected from them, visit this page.


Red 9 Phone sticker

  • Important to stick to your phone if allowing a child to use it or you do not wear a Red 9 Harmonising pendant.
  • The Red 9 Phone sticker can only provide protection from the phone.
  • Wear a Red 9 Harmonising pendant for protection from all EMF's and geopathic stress.

    Red 9 Harmonising pendant

  • Available in oval or rectangular, will give protection from the mobile phone and all other forms of EMFs and geopathic stress.
  • You do not need a phone sticker if you wear one of these.  However, if your phone is used by a child or another person, it is wise to have a phone sticker.

    Red 9 House Harmoniser

- Please note, Tony Mills must personally visit your property to ensure a full harmonisation takes place.

  • These are powerful devices.  Providing a protective range of approximately 55 meter (180 feet) radius, which is sufficient for most homes and offices.
  • To learn more about why this is a must have for your home, and to read testimonials, visit this page.
  • Of particular interest to many, is how the Red 9 House Harmoniser has also proven to positively impact on problem neighbours, who often cease to be a problem.

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