Spiritual Cause of Hay Fever

What Are The Symptoms of Hay Fever

Healing hay fever naturally begins with understanding where it first originated.  Before I explain more about the spiritual cause of hay fever, let’s first look at the symptoms.  Hay fever, or allergic rhinitis, is an allergic reaction affecting the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tracts and the eyes, most often characterised by nasal discharge, sneezing, and itchy, watery eyes.  Hay fever is usually caused by an abnormal sensitivity to airborne pollen. And there is a tendency for hay fever to reoccur annually, mainly in spring.

As I work in the realm of energy healing,  I look for the root cause or trigger that instigated the hay fever in the first place. 

What Are The Emotions That Trigger Hay Fever?

Looking at the spiritual cause of hay fever usually points to an old emotional wound that occurred during the season when the hay fever first began.  The person suffering from hay fever would have had a refusal to address the difficult experience that occurred at that time.   And, unfortunately, as the emotions remained unresolved from that experience, the release of pollen every spring triggers the memory of the event and reopens the emotional wound.  The cycle of hay fever, runny eyes and nose will continue until the brain is instructed that it can safely release the stored memory.  All fluids in the body represent some sort of emotion.

Your body, believe it or not, is your best friend, and like your best friend with tell you the truth, even if painful. It cleverly expresses any emotional pain or discomfort as literally as possible. When these emotions are addressed, the body no longer needs to express those emotions. Here are a few emotions that commonly trigger hay fever.

  • Emotional congestion.
  • Fear of the calendar.
  • A belief in persecution and guilt.
  • Feeling unsafe and unloved.
  • Chronic grief and sadness.
  • Repressed tears held back.
  • Unresolved feelings of rage and aggression.
  • Unresolved feelings of fear.
  • A belief in deserving persecution.

Very often, the buried stories behind hay fever, related to some kind of shame and guilt that the child was left with.  This may have been due to the parents being caught up in their own ‘stories’.The person suffering from hay fever may have felt that showing any sign of emotions, such as sadness, were considered signs of weakness.  This resulted in the grief being suppressed.  There could also be a feeling of deserving to be rejected as he or she perceived themselves as rejected as a child.

There can be a deep need to express your explosive anger and your gentle character will not allow this to happen. This is another form of suppression, whether it is grief or anger. The body has to express these suppressed emotions

There may be a few hidden fears that trigger hay fever, such as a fear of breathing, which could be a belief if you are heard breathing you could be hurt. There could be a fear of the flow of life, a fear of joy or even a fear of being attacked.

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In general, allergies will have some similar patterns to hay fever.  This is because they are caused by an overreaction to a foreign substance.

Some Common Triggers Relating to Allergies

  • A trauma or stressful incident at the time the substance came initially into the energy field.
  • A perceived lack of nurturing in one’s life.  This can lead to lactose intolerance and an allergy to cat fur.
  • Internal conflict.  This may have been triggered by parents with opposing views, made worse by a child feeling guilty for the whole situation. Subsequently, leaving the child dependant on approval.
  • Some food allergies can be the result of self-sabotaging good food as a mean of punishment.
  • When there are dust and animal allergies there can be a fear of being easily attacked by others.

It can be useful to check what happened, or who you were focused on within 24 hours before the allergy shows. What or who has left you feeling stifled and denying your own power and self-worth?

IMPORTANT TO NOTE:  The information above is only a small representation of the many metaphysical or spiritual causes of hay fever and allergies.  I offer them to you in the hope that you may realise that your present circumstances, need not be your future ones.  If you would like to begin to re-empower yourself, then I can help you speed up the process.

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Remember – first comes the emotion and then comes the condition.

So it is wise to clear the emotional build-up by either working with me or learning how to heal yourself by learning my unique healing method.

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