The Spiritual Cause of a Weak Immune System

When your immune system is compromised, the whole system suffers, both physically and emotionally.  This gland is the link between the physical body and the heart chakra.  There will be a blockage of energy or closure of love.  The spiritual cause of a weak immune system, therefore, represents poor physical boundaries that reflect the poor emotional boundaries.  This is due to low self-esteem, a poor judgment as to where you are in this world, as well as a lack of order and self-discipline. 


Let’s look further into the Spiritual Cause of a weak immune system

When the immune system is compromised, problem areas in the body will often become worse.  The lack of support in the immune system reflects a strong feeling of not being unsupported by others.

Your past childhood rejections will attract new people and circumstances into your life to re-enforce the rejection.  There may also be hidden feelings of abandonment, together with a trauma that may have left you feeling worthless and insignificant.  As your survival instincts have been activated, you may see everything as a possible threat.

You may have been the scapegoat for the family taking responsibility for everything.  This will lead to driving yourself from a place of feeling “not good enough” to a place of having to prove yourself.  What lies beneath can be hidden guilt, anger and shame.

The Thymus Gland and the Part it Plays in a Weak Immune System

The thymus gland has the biggest influence on the immune system, as it controls the life energy of the body (Thymos is Greek for life energy).  A healthy, active thymus gland creates vibrant and positive health.  Most diseases start at a mental level before they become physical.  Whenever you hold thoughts of anger, hatred resentment etc, the thymus weakens and the immune system can be depleted.

According to John Diamond, M.D. in his book Life Energy, the thymus controls all the acupuncture energy throughout the body.  He calls it a master switch, the master controller, of the acupuncture energy of the body.  He also states that it reflects our will to be well.  Whenever the thymus tests weak, it means you don’t have sufficient will to be well.


immunity defence

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The Symbolic Image of a Weak Immune System

A weak immune system could be compared to a fortress where the outer defensive walls have collapsed.  Emotionally, the collapsed walls represent the inability to say “no” or the inability to get angry to protect yourself.  You allow others to take advantage of you due to a sense of obligation, inherited from childhood when there was a desperate need to please one of the parents.  Also, guilt for feeling angry towards a parent or any other authority figure that you feel has wronged you.

It is at a time when civilisation has been affected by environmental challenges of viruses, bacteria, pollution, electromagnetic stress etc, that we have to truly check our emotional defences as well as the physical defences.  There are many excellent natural therapists out there, as well as natural healthy nutrition which can all help the immune system.  I am here to help you rebuild the emotional wall that may have collapsed.  In doing so re-enforce your self-esteem and value and allowing the best version of you to return.


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