The Spiritual Cause of Cold Sores

In this article, I will outline some of the spiritual causes of cold sores and how they are a consequence of not taking positive action to resolve recurring negative feelings about someone or something.

These emotions can be so deeply buried that you may not even be conscious of them.  But your Soul does and it is trying to communicate its emotional pain by manifesting pain and discomfort in your body.

The spiritual cause of cold sores may be triggered by harsh judgment of someone of the opposite sex, which, on occasions may extend to the opposite sex as a whole. In some cases, there can be a hidden feeling of repulsion.

Cold sores can be a good excuse to avoid intimate contact with a person that you are angry with. You may have felt humiliated at some time. Having come close to expressing that anger, but retracted last minute, leaving the feeling unexpressed.

Behind these strong feelings that the cold sores are trying to express, lay the feelings of an inability to express anger, feeling pressurised or burdened by responsibilities.  You may have an inability to cope with the pressures of life, feeling resentful of the load you are carrying or not wanting to receive specific news.

Recurring cold sores may be telling you that you have been subconsciously distancing yourself from the opposite sex, when you would like the opposite to occur. That is, to be close with a healthy, mutual acceptance. You may be trying to punish them. Unfortunately, you end up also punishing yourself.


There are various emotions that cause cold sores, and during an appointment with me, I will help you work through them all.  Meanwhile, here is just one positive affirmation that everyone can benefit from …

“I only create peaceful experiences because I love myself. All is well”.  Louise L. Hay. Heal Your Body


Do You Suffer From Recurring Cold Sores?

This is your bodies way of trying to shout its message to you, that it needs you to take positive action.  As a Soul Whisperer, using dowsing and my own unique methods, I can help you uncover the reasons you suffer from recurring cold sores, and clear them from your system.


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Do You Suffer From Recurring Cold Sores?

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Soul Whisperer Tony Mills

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