The Spiritual Cause of Constipation

In my work as a therapist, working within the realms of metaphysics, I look for the root cause of health or emotional challenges, and using my own unique healing methods, I assist my clients back to health and well-being.  In this article, I will be writing about some of the emotional or spiritual causes of constipation and you will learn how your unresolved negative emotions may be the reasons for your current constipation.

As the main purpose of the bowel is to release toxins and what is no longer useful to the body, constipation symbolically can mean there is a reluctance to release old ideas and feelings that no longer serve.  Conversely, when we look to the spiritual cause, constipation can be a sign of ‘stuffing down’ our desires and wishes.  The body will always reflect our mind and will try to communicate our ‘heart’s desire’ by showing up as an imbalance or ill health in the body.

The spiritual cause of constipation also shows up as being attached to material things with a reluctance to let go, especially when being forced to part with what you have accumulated. This can include money. Various fears can trigger constipation, such as being out of control, fear of change, or fear of being wrong. There may be a reluctance to share ideas or feelings for a fear of displeasing others, being ‘wrong’, or risking the loss of something or someone.


According to Thorwald Dethlefsen & Rudiger Dahlke MD in their book The Healing Power of Illness, the small intestine corresponds to conscious analytical thinking and the large intestine relates to the unconscious. Constipation can then relate to a fear of letting the unconscious contents see the light of day and represents an attempt to keep unconscious, repressed contents locked up within ourselves.


The Spiritual Cause of Constipation can also show up when there is a blockage in the flow of the large Intestine meridian.  Some of the related emotions are:

  • holding on to things no longer needed,
  • guilt,
  • lack of self-worth,
  • and a need to be in control.

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The Spiritual Cause of Constipation and the ileocecal valve

Constipation is very often related to the ileocecal valve, which is located in the lower right quadrant of the abdomen, around the area of the appendix. This valve allows the contents of the small intestine to be released into the large intestine, which then closes up to prevent any backing up of the contents. If this valve sticks open the contents can back up and poison the system. If the valve sticks closed the contents of the small intestine cannot escape. Again, poisoning the system.

The Ileocecal valve is sensitive to your challenging emotions and experienced trauma and in response, can stick open or closed. Feelings relating to your mother, or other influential females in your family, can trigger this important valve, resulting in self-poisoning feelings and a refusal to let go of the past.


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Examples of the Metaphysical or Spiritual Cause of Constipation

  • TOILET TRAINING. Any embarrassment around potty training, such as shame and guilt can set off a lifetime of holding onto negative emotions which can result in constipation. A child may try to control his parents by refusing to defecate This relates to a resistance to a higher authority or a fear of being out of control
  • LOW-FIBRE DIET.  Of course, the right food is essential to allow the bowel to function correctly. This includes fibre-rich food such as fruit and vegetables and plenty of water. It is beneficial to avoid meat, dairy, and grains, as they can aggravate constipation.  For some healthy diet advice, check out Medical Medium.
  • ANXIETY This can create a tightening of not only the structural muscles of the body but also the internal valves. Clamping down can be a way of avoiding feelings, such as fear of change, and holding in emotions, as by bottling up what you feel, you can suffer from constipation.  Being more aware of why you are holding in your opinions as well as your bowel movements and being more courageous in meeting any disapproval can alter the whole situation.
  • THYROID PROBLEMS When the thyroid is underactive (hypothyroid) everything becomes stuck and sluggish. This very often results in depression and lethargy, which is reflected in the digestive system.

spiritual cuase of thyroid

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I wanted to thank you for the far-reaching help you gave me. Following your treatment, my mind healed itself, so now, all my niggles and worries and held onto baggage have melted and I feel that a huge weight has been lifted from my chest and shoulders.   My digestion has also improved.  It has had an effect on my interaction with people, I’m getting a much more positive result from meetings, and people are listening to me, so I’m getting the results that I’ve been working towards for many months.  I’m loving my new found confidence and my belief that I can achieve what I want to. Penny, North Wales.

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Remember – first comes the emotion and then comes the condition.  Your unresolved emotions ‘crystallise’ in your body and eventually show up as pain, illness, discomfort, and challenges in areas of your life.  As a Soul Whisperer, I can assist you in quickly locating the related emotions, and then using my own unique healing methods, can help you quickly clear them from your system.


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