There are many forms of depression.  Some obvious, some hidden

In this article, I will be writing about the spiritual cause of depression and how, sadly, there is a steep rise in depression and suicide in men and young people.  Unfortunately, men have not been great communicators, as there has been a long-term fear of showing any emotions that may manifest as a weakness.  If we men had just realized that gentleness and honest vulnerability is actually a strength.

An out of balance thyroid can lead to depression

A depression that started as a birth or childhood trauma, creating a fight(get angry and attack), fright (feel the fear and run away), or freeze (not move due to terror) response.  The fight and flight affect mostly the adrenals, releasing an adrenalin response.  The freeze response can result in the thyroid gland closing down, the end result is hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid), or in severe cases Hashimoto’s Disease.

The underactive thyroid manifests as heaviness and depression.  The body will go about expressing that feeling physically. There can be a feeling of being hopelessly stifled.  The humiliation experienced in childhood was not allowed to be expressed.  Blocked communication is a big blockage in the throat chakra.  There will have been a great deal of discouragement as a child.   The response is a depression in which comfort food is the friend, but the very worst thing to feed the condition.  Good raw fruit and vegetables will help to reverse the situation.

Usually, the hyperthyroid type will react in the opposite way by trying to prove themselves and are usually underweight and very active. They can, however, have bouts of depression and the thyroid conditions can fluctuate.

You can read more about the emotions of the thyroid on my other blog.


In the book ‘Heal Your Body‘ by Louise L. Hay, she states that another form of depression is;

Anger you feel you do not have a right to have.”

Anger is also behind depression

This anger has a big association with the liver, which is the body’s amazing processing factory and which, according to Medical Medium, modern science does not yet fully understand all the processes that it achieves.

What is not obvious with the energy of the liver, is not having the will to live, or the desire to survive.  Continually suppressed anger in a person, while putting other people first, is a big contradiction, as the anger goes inwards in a very destructive way.  This results in the inability to express anger to defend oneself, together with the inability to push away the pain and struggle against the opposition.

How To Find Balance

It is very important to find ways to bring about balance to the system.  Not doing so can lead to serious ill-health.  I have helped many come back into balance – my wife’s story below is very touching.   If you would like to seek my help, you meet me online or in person.  View my Appointments Page to learn more and book.


Meditation is something that can help everyone, especially those suffering from depression and anger.

You can find lots of quality meditations on Gaia which will guide you on your path to understanding how to meditate and become a master meditator.

Listen to my YouTube video about depression.


Testimonial from Tony’s wife.

image of Annie & Tony MillsBefore I met Tony, I had suffered depression for over ten years.  Even though I had lived a life of excitement and adventure for many years, the darkness of the depression was always waiting for me.  

Eventually, the emotional burden of it became more than I could bear.  I just could not live with the pain anymore and decided to end my life. 

Fortunately, that was when Tony came into my life.   
I owe my life to him and it is a great honour to support him in helping others back to health and well-being.

Love and blessings, Annie Corder-Mills



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The human body is a complicated system and has an incredible filing system for all the many millions of emotions we experience during our lifetime. 

My work as a Soul Whisperer is to help communicate to you, what your soul needs you to know hear and release.  After more than 30 years as a therapist, I have devised my own unique and efficient ways of achieving this. 

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