The Spiritual Cause Digestive Problems

Healing the cause of digestive problems begins with understanding the spiritual cause of why it first originated.  What we may not be totally aware of is how digestive challenges were triggered way before the food hit the stomach.

The thought or memory of certain foods can trigger a reaction in our digestive system.  Positively, our mouth can water at the thought of something delicious.  This can be very obvious with some dogs, such as Labradors.

Memories of really delicious food can also create reactions.  The thought of lemons can stimulate the salivary glands.  On the negative side, the sight of food that we hate may make the stomach heave with disgust.

According to  Michael J. Lincoln (FKA Narayan-Singh Khalsa) in his book ‘Messages From The Body’ difficulty with the salivary glands reflects a problem in assimilating new experiences and ideas, together with breaking things down into “bite-size pieces”.

There can be some ‘mental constipation’, together with a resistance to change.  As regards to the mouth, Louise L. Hay in ‘Heal Your Body’ states that the mouth represents taking in new ideas and nourishment.


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The emotions around the organs of digestion, absorption and elimination

When food reaches the stomach, feelings that are common in disrupting the operation of the stomach are needs that cannot be met; disgust, feeling deprived and angry, disappointment, and constant worry (the stomach meridian is paired with the spleen meridian which represents obsessive worry).

As the food journeys down two streams of digestive fluids, one stream of bile is created by the liver, which has been stored in the gallbladder and released in response to food on the way down to the small intestine (duodenum).

The liver is one of the major filtering and detoxifying organs.  It helps process viruses and pathogens, physical and emotional.  It holds a great deal of repressed anger, depression, lack of will to live and putting others first.

The gallbladder stores many of the feelings which turn into bitterness and resentment.  To remove the gallbladder does not remove the feelings.  Therefore the feelings are, very often, expressed in another part of the body.

Similar feelings can arise in the pancreas, which is there as one of its tasks to aid digestion.  When malfunctioning, it is storing emotional pain and refusing to enjoy.

The small intestine relates to the assimilation of nutrients.  One may eat the right food, but be unable to assimilate.  The same applies to life. There will be a lack of joy, sorrow and sadness.  The learning experience can be blocked, together with an indecisiveness.

Louise L. Hay states that the probable cause is “disowning the right to live, insecure and fearful of love, together with an inability to digest”. Diarrhoea is when the body rejects unassimilated nutrients.  On a mental and emotional level there is a premature rejection of ideas and situations and reject of anything that causes emotional discomfort.

Between the small intestine and the large intestine lies the Ileocecal valve.  This is a sphincter which opens and closes like a camera lens allowing the contents of the small intestine out into the large intestine and then closing in order to prevent the contents backing up.

However, should the valve stick open or closed, it can result in self-poisoning, affecting many of the bodily systems; abdominal pain, allergies, bloating, chest pain, constipation, dark circles under the eyes, diarrhoea, emotional stress, gut flora disturbance, headaches, indigestion, joint pain, lower back pain, migraine, shoulder, elbow pain, skin problems, stiff neck, and tinnitus.

The programs that trigger a sticking Ileocecal valve are poisoning oneself emotionally, holding on to old patterns in a rigid and self-destructive manner, refusing to let go of the past and deeply hidden bitterness.

The large intestine is the last stage of digestion before elimination and if there is any holding on to things that are no longer needed, constipation can arise.  This can result in a strong need to control.  There can be a degree of guilt and lack of self-worth.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE:  The information above is only a small representation of the many metaphysical or spiritual causes of digestive problems.  I offer them to you in the hope that you may realise that your present circumstances, need not be your future ones.  If you would like to begin to re-empower yourself, then I can help you speed up the process.  Would you like to transform your life?  Click the button below to go to my appointments page and let’s begin to move towards a healthier, happier version of yourself.

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