Spiritual Cause of Throat Problems: Difficulty Swallowing, ‘Lump In The Throat’, Sore Throat & Asphyxia

As a therapist who helps people all over the world via Zoom, I have noted an increase in the number of my clients seeking my assistance with throat problems. Especially women, who are often additionally suffering from thyroid problems.  As the throat represents our expression of power, the metaphysical or spiritual reason for throat problems at this time (during Covid), could be attributed to the fact that we are in a time of restricted freedom and speech.  This is emotionally disempowering, which can trigger a whole series of past memories of childhood restrictions and disempowerment. Thyroid problems may eventually arise after an accumulation of humiliation and frustration behind that unexpressed voice, saying, “When is it my turn?”. 

The Throat Chakra

This is the energy centre in the throat that relates to a nerve plexus in the spine. Problems that cause a healthy functioning throat chakra to go out of balance can be due to blocked self-expression in childhood.  And when not resolved, the child can continue to carry this inability to express itself into adulthood.  This can also cause a problem in connecting logic and feelings. Subsequently, relationships become a challenge as one cannot express their feelings, often resulting in pain, rage, or frustration.

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Spiritual Cause of Difficulty Swallowing

To explain the spiritual cause of throat problems further, difficulty swallowing is also a common problem. Literally speaking, there is an unwillingness to emotionally swallow certain situations or views of others.  This stems back to a family program of not wanting to take things at face value. This results in a fear of being ‘taken for a ride’ again.  This emotional program is often due to a lack of inherent trust of others.

Spiritual Cause of a ‘Lump In The Throat’

There is a fear of expressing oneself, often due to a lack of support and protection in your earlier life. As a consequence, you unconsciously believe that if you do express yourself there is often a fear of terrible consequences.

Spiritual Cause of Asphyxia

This challenge can be due to a long-term suppression of a paralyzing fear, which may have started in childhood, or before. A typical example is when a baby is born with the “cord” around the neck, which can result in lifelong challenges around the resultant feeling.

Spiritual Cause of a Sore Throat

Louise L. Hay in her book ” Heal Your Body” put the probable emotional cause of a sore throat as:

  • Inability to speak up for oneself.
  • Swallowing your anger.
  • Stifled creativity.
  • A refusal to change.

For these debilitating feelings, she would suggest affirmations, such as:

  • It is ok to make a noise.
  • I express myself freely and joyously.
  • I speak up for myself with ease.
  • I express my creativity.
  • I am willing to change.


IMPORTANT TO NOTE:  The information above is only a small representation of the many metaphysical or spiritual causes of throat problems.  I offer them to you in the hope that you may realise that your present circumstances, need not be your future ones.  If you would like to begin to re-empower yourself, then I can help you speed up the process.  Would you like to transform your life?  Click the button below to go to my appointments page and let’s begin to move towards a healthier, happier version of yourself.

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Client Review from Sarah L. UK 

“Yes! Energy healing does work! For 8 years I could not sweat. During that time I experienced regular episodes of heatstroke. The condition negatively effected my lifestyle and potential.  Western medical practitioners were unable to treat it. So I was ready to try something new. Tony’s diagnostic process is very effective at pinpointing emotional root causes, even into my childhood and ancestry. His observations were always spot on, but he did not need me to talk about my past or unpack the issues. At first, I noticed my tolerance to sun increase, then an area of perspiration. Then those wonderful moments when I was rosy cheeked and perspiring after hiking up a hill in hot sun – without a hat! My cooling system is functioning very well now, excellent in fact! More opportunities are open to me. Tony is stewarding a precious gift of healing and it’s brought so much joy into my life.”

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CREDIT & BOOKS I RECOMMEND:  Some of the metaphysical references in my articles were quoted from the following authors and their books:  Evette Rose, Metaphysical Anatomy.  Valeria Moore, Emotional Patterns Dr. Louise Hay, Heal Your Body.

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