Spiritual Cause of Tinnitus

In my work as a therapist, I look for the root cause of health or emotional challenges, and using my own unique healing methods, I assist my clients back to health and well-being.   In this article, I will be writing about the metaphysical or spiritual cause of Tinnitus.

What Are The Physical Signs of Tinnitus?

The following sounds can be heard in one or both ears by sufferers of Tinnitus:

  • Ringing
  • Buzzing
  • Whistling

The sounds are only audible to the sufferer and can also affect their balance.

Which Emotions Cause Tinnitus?

The obvious emotional cause of Tinnitus is not wanting to hear harsh words, which very often began in childhood. Fear of criticism, being judged, or even, fear of change can be running in the background.  It all started in a severely oppressive and hostile home. This could have arisen from parents arguing constantly or one dictating or overpowering authority figure.  Someone suffering from Tinnitus may have a tendency to attract the same situation in adult life through a partner, relation or in the workplace.

These negative experiences can leave them with a complete mistrust in the Universe, in the world, or in others. Unfortunately, everything else can be ‘drowned out’ and the mind also becomes closed as a form of protection. The result is a refusal to listen, except to their own long-established beliefs.

This closed situation can also, more importantly,  block messages from their Higher Self and the ‘other side’.  All intuition relating to the 3rd eye can be shut down by a need to intellectualise everything. In doing this the pathway to the heart can also be blocked. There can be a refusal to listen to the ‘inner voice‘ by being rejecting and stubborn. Blockages in the 3rd eye chakra can relate to not wanting to ‘see‘ reality and not wanting to ‘hear‘ reality. Insights and spiritual gifts can be blocked or suppressed.  It comes from a family where any imagination would have been seen as a disaster or be rejected.

The Emotional Fears behind Tinnitus

  • Fear of hearing criticism
  • Fear of being judged
  • Fear of information that will change their foundation
  • Fear of change
  • Fear of the future
  • Fear of life/living
  • Fear of being present

Credit: Emotional Patterns by Valeria Moore

Is There a Natural Cure For Tinnitus?

Like everything in life, we create our negative life experience, physically and emotionally, as a consequence of our unresolved emotionally challenges.  We cannot ignore what is bothering us emotionally.  The emotions need a satisfactory resolution and when we try to ignore our emotional needs, they take root in the body and manifest physically and in this case, as Tinnitus.  By addressing and safely releasing the metaphysical or spiritual cause of Tinnitus, there is no longer a need to experience it.

I can help you to release the root cause, or trigger, that instigated Tinnitus in the first place. 

IMPORTANT TO NOTE:  The information above is only a small representation of the many metaphysical or spiritual causes of Tinnitus.  If you choose to recruit my help, we will also work through releasing the rest of the build-up of crystalised negative emotional energies in your system.

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Remember – first comes the emotion and then comes the condition.

So it is wise to clear the emotional build-up by either working with me or learning how to heal yourself by learning my unique healing method.

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Do You Suffer From Tinnitus?

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TESTIMONIAL from David H, USA.  I have had the pleasure of working with Tony for the past 6 months. Throughout this period of time, Tony has helped me work through many outer issues including cyst, Viking’s disease, and tinnitus by helping me better understand the inner beliefs causing these issues. What I can say with certainty is that Tony provided deep insight into the underlying beliefs that I have been carrying around with me for decades. He has been instrumental in helping me reprogram my subconscious to create the life that I always intended to live.

About My Work & How I Could Help You

Soul Whisperer Tony MillsMy work as a Soul Whisperer is to help you to communicate with your soul’s needs and desires. Your current health challenges are a result of a build-up of unresolved negative emotions and pre-programming, often from your childhood. Your soul expresses these unresolved negative emotions first through your thoughts.

Should you fail to listen to the messages that are crying out to be heard, these messages become stronger and harder for you to ignore. They then become manifestations of pain, discomfort, or ill-health. Your soul must find a way to get you to take action.

Your soul probably brought you to my website today!

After more than 30 years as a therapist, I have devised my own unique and efficient ways of assisting my clients back into alignment. This means that if you chose to work with me, by applying dowsing techniques, we will look for the emotional or energetic root cause of your health or well-being challenge. Then together, using the Living Lens we will work on clearing the blockages within your system and bring back harmony.

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CREDIT & BOOKS I RECOMMEND: Some of the metaphysical references in my articles were quoted from the following authors and their books: Evette Rose, Metaphysical Anatomy. Valeria Moore, Emotional Patterns Dr. Michael J Lincoln, Messages from the Body.

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My wife, Annie, is very intuitive and by listening to her body, she was guided to eat a plant-based, wholefood diet, avoiding gluten, dairy, eggs, cheese, and processed foods. This also resonated with me, and we also stopped drinking alcohol.

Currently, we follow the guidance of Medical Medium where you will also find lots of free advice and knowledge and Dr. Morse. You will learn things such as the need for protein is a lie, and many vegan body-builders suffer arthritic conditions as a result of consuming a lot of protein.

Medical Disclaimer: While shamanic practices/spiritual healing is not a replacement for conventional medicine, it is often used successfully as a compliment. Holistic therapy of this nature has been shown to help many people, where other methods have failed. Always consult a physician about any physical or mental problems you may have.