The Spiritual Cause of Endometriosis

Before I explain the spiritual cause of endometriosis, I will first explain what it manifests as in the physical.

Endometriosis occurs when part of the lining of the uterus (the endometrium) backs up into the fallopian tubes and into the pelvic cavity where it sticks to the organs and/or the pelvic wall and continues to function as uterine tissue.

The condition of endometriosis from the metaphysical perspective can be a fear of baring children or the fear of the consequence of childbirth.  This can include feelings of complications and discomfort during pregnancy and even childbirth itself.

Endometriosis can carry a deeply hidden fear of dying or suffering in the process of delivery.  This can be compounded if the mother had difficulties during birth.

There can also be a deep ancestral program, when very strong can pour through into our lives like a wave.


The Origins of the Emotions That Trigger the Spiritual Cause of Endometriosis

A lack of self-love and insecurity may have originated in childhood, resulting in a held in blame which resulted in blaming oneself. This may be a result of rejecting one’s femininity and personal power.

There may be a deep disappointment in the self, together with an unresolved deep sadness and frustration.

Endometriosis and Foods

Like anything in life, when viewed from the standpoint of metaphysics and the Law of Attraction, first come the emotions and when they are too painful for us to want to look at, we try to ignore them.  But emotions are your mind and soul trying to communicate to you, so they cannot be ignored.

Unfortunately, when we try to ‘put them out of our mind‘ we then inadvertently often ‘put them into‘ our body.

This filing away of unresolved emotions is not random, which is why my work can be so precise.  Each unresolved emotion is filed away in its appropriate part of the body, and then begins to crystal its energy into a manifestation of something physical.  This is the bodies way of shouting its message to you and you cannot ignore it as it usually comes with pain or discomfort.

The body must be heard and your souls’ needs must be met.

So, with the understanding that you need to clear away the build-up of emotions – I can help you do that using my quick and effective methods that do not require any psychoanalysing –  I would also recommend you do not ‘feed’ the problem with inappropriate foods.  Such as dairy and eggs.  This article by Medical Medium can guide you further.  Both my wife and I follow his advice and it has been transformational.

According to Louise L. Hay, in her book ” Heal Your Body”, the probable cause of endometriosis relates to disappointment, insecurity and frustration, replacing self-love with sugar and blaming.



The womb represents creativity in creating a child, therefore endometriosis represents blocked creativity and passion for life.

With endometriosis, independence can also be challenged, as to be attached to independence is the time one feels most powerful.  Having a child may challenge that independence, resulting in feeling controlled and trapped.

Any past abuse or ill-treatment may result in a feeling of resentment at being a female.  To tap into a female collective consciousness carrying a belief that women cannot speak up.


According to Louise L. Hay, the probable cause of endometriosis was a long-standing emotional problem not solved.


I share more information about the Spiritual Cause of Endometriosis in my video.

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Soul Whisperer Tony MillsMy work as a Soul Whisperer is to help you to communicate with your soul’s needs and desires.  Your current health challenges are a result of a build-up of unresolved negative emotions and pre-programming, often from your childhood.   Your soul expresses these unresolved negative emotions first through your thoughts.  Should you fail to listen to the messages that are crying out to be heard, these messages become stronger and harder for you to ignore.  They then become manifestations of pain, discomfort or ill-health. Your soul must find a way to get you to take action.

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