Tony Mills has helped 1000’s of people with many aspects of health and well-being of themselves, a family member, or their home.  The following are a few of the testimonials he has received in thanks for his help.

Penny, North Wales.  I wanted to thank you for the far-reaching help you gave me.  Following your treatment all my niggles and worries and held onto baggage have melted and I feel that a huge weight has been lifted from my chest and shoulders.   My digestion has also improved.  It has also had an effect on my interaction with people.  I’m getting a much more positive result from meetings, and people are listening to me, so I’m getting the results that I’ve been working towards for many months.  I’m loving my new found confidence and my belief that I can achieve what I want to.

Sue Green (Proprietor) Upper Hurst Farm Caravan & Camping Site. I feel very blessed and privileged to have had an individual healing session with Tony Mills. Tony has a profound gift in identifying energy blocks and then clearing them.  To see Tony in action, particularly when he is guided by spirit to know exactly where & how to move energy in & around the body, is truly amazing. So much so I found it quite emotional. Not only that but Tony has a very non-judgemental, empathetic and compassionate way with his clients which is very important, particularly when (the client-me) is feeling a bit nervous or not deserving.

Fiona Pitcher, London. I’m just back home after a two and a half-hour walk in the woods with my dogs. This is just so incredible considering two months ago I could barely walk to the end of the road to post a letter.  In April I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and experienced every single debilitating symptom associated with it. Less than two months ago,  I had just three sessions with you and truly haven’t looked back. My energy, strength and mental clarity are BACK! I can never thank you enough. What a gift you have.

Michala W, Mallorca, Spain. Tony has helped me tremendously. He is able to tap into the core, the truth. The results I, and many people I have referred to Tony have been incredible. An example of this is that I have had a severe latex allergy for many years, not able to touch or be in the room with any by-product of latex. The effects for me were severe, choking, swollen itchy body and an ambulance called immediately. Each time I have given birth or had an operation the room would have to be scrubbed and everything removed beforehand which took several hours. One session focusing on this with Tony and I was cured. During the session, to my disbelief, he had me holding a balloon! And still, now I have no effects. This has been the same for claustrophobia and several other fears I ‘used to’ have.

Lynsey, Dumfries, Scotland. My 4-year-old suffered from acid reflux from birth which became a burden on her more as she got older. After contacting Tony he was able to work his magic via distance healing and clear the problem. My daughter is much more at ease and lives a happier life without the pain of acid reflux.

CB.  London.  I saw Tony Mills for one session and it was life-changing for me. Great things started happening straight away and I was so much more motivated with tons more energy. I feel so thankful.  Every day since I find I am saying to myself ‘I feel fantastic‘. I feel he really saved me.

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TESTIMONIALS – House Harmonisation

Dave & Denise Winter, Southsea, Hampshire. Both my wife and I have been extremely impressed with the ” and the positive impact that it has had, not only with regards to our immediate neighbours living in the house next door to us. but also in the general area surrounding our home.  We have lived in our house for nearly 20 years now, and I have to say that since Tony undertook the house harmonisation things have never been so peaceful and quiet.

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