Tony Mills has helped 1000’s of people with many aspects of health and well-being. 

The following are a few testimonials he has received in thanks for his help.

Sarah C – UK The living lens has done wonders for me and my life in a way that 22 years of therapy could only do a fraction of.  I’m so grateful to you, for the work it has taken for you to reach this wisdom.  Thank you deeply.
Julia R – UK I have just completed 3 sessions with Tony and am so delighted with the release of so many old energies and patterns. I am interested in learning these skills. After 35 years as a mental health professional, this is such deep powerful work, getting to the real roots. 

Luis B – Puerto Rico. This is just to tell you that I had my session with Tony earlier today and I feel AMAZING! Wow! I feel like my old self. No more skipped heartbeats. No more sluggish feeling. Having experienced other forms of energy healing before, I am impressed at how quickly, gentle, and effective this healing has been. Tony is truly a remarkable healer and a wise, compassionate human being. I am forever grateful for this help! I can safely say Tony will be go-to from now on for spiritual, and physical wellbeing. I sincerely hope he continues to attract those people all over the world who need him and who are ready to work with him. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. I am a living testimony of that.

TW – UK.  I came to Tony after years of unsuccessful fertility treatment because I was scared that nothing would work and we were at the end of the line. I felt battered from so many disappointments and very down, but I wanted to go into the next round with a different mindset as I knew the way I felt was not helping. Tony really surprised me with how accurately he diagnosed my negative thought patterns — they weren’t apparent to me initially, but afterwards I wondered how I had missed them! I felt much changed and lighter going into the next cycle, which ended up being successful. I am now 16 weeks pregnant.

ML, Anglesey, Wales.  I went to see Tony for one therapy session and this one visit completely transformed my life and outlook on the future.

Graham, England My one to one with Tony this time, was a bit like taking a car for an MOT, thinking you know what’s wrong with it, only to find out what is really wrong with it and how to repair it.

Mark Gillespie. Australia For the first couple of days after last weeks session, I felt like my brain/ system needed to reboot. I had a headache on Monday and on Tuesday I started to come a bit clearer. Then I felt kind of empty, like my ‘go-to’ comfortable feeling and how I live my life where gone. I was feeling a bit empty. I was waiting for my old patterns to tell me what to do but there was nothing talking back to me.  After sitting with this for a couple of days to see what would happen, and I was waiting for something to happen or “someone” to tell me what to do, I realized that I am starting to clear the slate and the story and that my future is now up to me to create. I am free to decide how I want to live my life based on what is important to me and not the past.  This was an awesome revelation. Thanks for your support with this and I look forward to experiencing all that my life is.

Loreta, Luxembourg.  I am so grateful from all my heart to Tony for his help and guidance during our sessions. I feel so free and relieved, peaceful and energetic now. The feeling of stepping in for my own power and feeling wholeness with the universe is such a wonderful thing. My thyroid is now functioning perfectly, my sleep has improved and I have so much joy and positive energy. All the doubts, fears and insecurities have faded away. Thank you so much for being a channel to experience the gift of life so profoundly and beautifully. When you are ready for a change, the master is there for you.  Thank you again from all my heart.

Catherine Hood, Hampshire.  Having experienced Tony’s treatments I underwent a days training with him which not only gave me lots of information but also the opportunity to have my own living lens to use. I have found this invaluable in moving the emotional cause for many physical ailments. My husband who is almost 65 years old and type 1 diabetic has noticed remarkable results in his health and well being since using the lens as well. What we like about Tony is that he is always prepared to offer advice and help with any health situation so we have not only gained an expert in his field but a long term friend and support.

Diane, Hampshire.  All those private and NHS therapists, psychiatrists and counsellors in my lifetime of 73 years of violence, broken marriages and homelessness did not achieve what you have achieved in 3 weeks.  Thank you so much.

Penny K. Manchester.  I’m very good, the healing feeling has been very gentle, I’ve been sleeping a lot more, have stopped rushing to get things done and I’ve had a non-confrontational conversation with my brother for the first time! I am seeing situations with clarity, and this has helped me get the right approach.  I’m choosing a simpler way of life, and I’ve stopped worrying about anything. I am so glad I booked the 3 sessions with you, because it was on the 3rd session that I found myself opening up and revealing what was really bothering me, I didn’t even know it myself!
Thank you Tony, I do feel healed and reinforced in a way that suits me and I’m having a much happier life because of it.

Penny, North Wales.  I wanted to thank you for the far-reaching help you gave me.  Following your treatment all my niggles and worries and held onto baggage have melted and I feel that a huge weight has been lifted from my chest and shoulders.   My digestion has also improved.  It has also had an effect on my interaction with people.  I’m getting a much more positive result from meetings, and people are listening to me, so I’m getting the results that I’ve been working towards for many months.  I’m loving my new found confidence and my belief that I can achieve what I want to.

Sue Green (Proprietor) Upper Hurst Farm Caravan & Camping Site. I feel very blessed and privileged to have had an individual healing session with Tony Mills. Tony has a profound gift in identifying energy blocks and then clearing them.  To see Tony in action, particularly when he is guided by spirit to know exactly where & how to move energy in & around the body, is truly amazing. So much so I found it quite emotional. Not only that but Tony has a very non-judgemental, empathetic and compassionate way with his clients which is very important, particularly when (the client-me) is feeling a bit nervous or not deserving.

Fiona Pitcher, London. I’m just back home after a two and a half-hour walk in the woods with my dogs. This is just so incredible considering two months ago I could barely walk to the end of the road to post a letter.  In April I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and experienced every single debilitating symptom associated with it. Less than two months ago,  I had just three sessions with you and truly haven’t looked back. My energy, strength and mental clarity are BACK! I can never thank you enough. What a gift you have.

Michala W, Mallorca, Spain. Tony has helped me tremendously. He is able to tap into the core, the truth. The results I, and many people I have referred to Tony have been incredible. An example of this is that I have had a severe latex allergy for many years, not able to touch or be in the room with any by-product of latex. The effects for me were severe, choking, swollen itchy body and an ambulance called immediately. Each time I have given birth or had an operation the room would have to be scrubbed and everything removed beforehand which took several hours. One session focusing on this with Tony and I was cured. During the session, to my disbelief, he had me holding a balloon! And still, now I have no effects. This has been the same for claustrophobia and several other fears I ‘used to’ have.

Lynsey, Dumfries, Scotland. My 4-year-old suffered from acid reflux from birth which became a burden on her more as she got older. After contacting Tony he was able to work his magic via distance healing and clear the problem. My daughter is much more at ease and lives a happier life without the pain of acid reflux.

CB.  London.  I saw Tony Mills for one session and it was life-changing for me. Great things started happening straight away and I was so much more motivated with tons more energy. I feel so thankful.  Every day since I find I am saying to myself ‘I feel fantastic‘. I feel he really saved me.

Rachel, Devon, UK.  I contacted Tony after hearing about Tony’s work from a colleague. My 9-year-old daughter has always struggled to settle to sleep and having tried everything else, with no lasting impact achieved, I was very keen to see if Tony’s approach would work. 

Being with my daughter during the distance healing session was an astonishing and very beautiful experience and the very detailed written feedback that Tony provided post-session was insightful and made total sense.

My daughter had a few more days of unsettled bedtimes after the session but since then we have seen a big difference – she generally settles to sleep quickly and never talks about being scared to be in her bedroom alone, as she often did before. This has brought such relief to her and to us as a family.

Even if you don’t have a particular issue that needs resolving I think you can derive great benefit from a session with Tony, just in helping you to restore emotional and energetic balance in your life.

I have told several of my friends about Tony extraordinary gifts and they too have booked sessions and had wonderful experiences. I cannot recommend Tony highly enough.

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Michaela, London.UK.  My mum would like to send her thanks for the distance healing.  I read out the detailed report to her over the phone and it all makes complete sense to both of us, every single bit of it. She does feel better already, no mental chatter and has been doing things around the house!  After the last distance healing, a lump that my mum had on her back for months disappeared.  What you both do is invaluable, thank you once again.

Sylvia, Mallorca, Spain.  I had two appointments with Tony over the last 3 months. The first one ended a period of problems between me and my husband. The second appointment was due to a sudden pain that I started experiencing. Tony was kind enough to see me that very same day, even though it was the Sunday. He very quickly found the origins of the pain and helped me clear some emotional issues that were stressing me out in the week prior. That same night I was able to sleep all night without any further pain which was very comforting. Also, my negative thoughts which were the cause of my stress disappeared entirely.  It’s now been 3 weeks since I saw Tony and I am still free from my fears and worries and the general state of my emotions is calm and content.

Hampshire Client.  I’ve been struggling for 38 years with many complex gut and digestion issues, candida, parasites, viruses, severe food intolerances, and gut dysbiosis which has been incredibly stubborn. Over that time I have seen conventional specialists and had hospital investigations (which all came to nought), and many healers and therapists of all kinds. You name it, and I have done it, in an effort to fix these issues. I have taken many, many supplements over those years too. A huge amount of time and money has been spent.

I have now had three appointments with Tony, and the results have been nothing short of miraculous, given that I have been battling with these problems for almost four decades. In the first appointment, Tony cleared the candida and parasites, and after three appointments my gut and digestion are much calmer, and I am starting to eat things that I haven’t been able to eat for years. I was once told by a specialist that I would ‘never, ever’ be able to eat eggs, as I had such a severe reaction to them; but now I can have two a day with no problem at all. It’s almost hard for me to believe, but I am just so incredibly grateful, and I only wish I had found Tony earlier. His healing is incredibly powerful. I would recommend anyone see him, whatever ails them!

Gordana. USA. Distance Session of 11yr old child with a stutter I am so happy to say that we are both doing so much better. Rade’s speech improved by 80%.

CB, London.UK.  Thanks so much for your work this morning. I felt a lot of energy moving in a large area oval-shaped from lower heart chakra area to a few inches above the navel. Then the same energy moving about in my brain. I went out after and felt the blurry border between me and people walking past was gone.  I was able to have a social evening out and connect with people. In fact, the night before was the first night I slept the whole night and felt my bed was comfy. So you started the work before at another level.”

Lynsey, Dumfries, Scotland, UK.  My  4-year-old suffered from acid reflux from birth which became a burden on her more as she got older.  After contacting Tony he was able to work his magic via distance healing and clear the problem. My daughter is much more at ease and lives a happier life without the pain of acid reflux. Many thanks Tony.

Cindy, Northampton, UK. Negative / Discordant Energies – I  was going about my normal day when I very suddenly felt completely drained of energy.  My whole body ached and felt like lead and I felt cold and shivery.  I knew I was not ill as such but could not understand what was happening to me.  Tony detected a negative energy in my throat chakra, and when he checked my aura he found it was closed down. Tony removed the negative energy and rechecked my aura and found it to be fully restored and strong.  Soon after the healing, I felt so much better.

Anna – Northampton, UK.  I do feel great since! I feel fantastic, much calmer, joyful and much kinder to others than usual.

Margaret – Scotland. I  have suffered from very cold feet for a long time.  Tony did some healing on them and now i have lovely “toasty” feet and no longer need my bed-socks, ahhhhh so great to have them “alive” again. Thank you  Tony.

Christine – Wales.  Feel good ..feel normal ..I haven’t felt like this in ages. Thank you so much.  Can I ask what you did because I’m amazed!


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TESTIMONIALS – House Harmonisation

Dave & Denise Winter, Southsea, Hampshire. Both my wife and I have been extremely impressed with the ” and the positive impact that it has had, not only with regards to our immediate neighbours living in the house next door to us. but also in the general area surrounding our home.  We have lived in our house for nearly 20 years now, and I have to say that since Tony undertook the house harmonisation things have never been so peaceful and quiet.

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