Tony Mills, Soul Whisperer, Energetic Wisdom – Testimonials

The following is a sample of feedback received after one of Tony’s many group events, personal consultations, or Home or Office Space Harmonisations.

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After years of illness and loneliness, bit by bit Tony has helped me get my life back. I trust him. He is a special person and a deeply compassionate man. I had no hope and now I have hope – AM, Manchester

I went to see Tony for one therapeutic session and this one visit completely transformed my life and outlook on the future – ML, Anglesey

This amazing ability of Tony Mills I have experienced repeatedly since our first meeting in 2005. As the change is subtle rather than dramatic, I tend to recede into scepticism, until the next time some unexplained fear or depression creeps in and I remember there is a Tony Mills who can quickly determine what the problem is and clear it away. Even “long distance” – LR, Berlin

On Geopathic Stress

I feel so great. I feel I can concentrate and pay attention much more easily. I feel empowered and ready to embrace and accept whatever comes my way. I even sleep better – MWV, Mallorca

On House Harmonisations

Our house feels great by the way. The cold chill we used to get when we walked up the stairs seems to have gone and the atmosphere in the house is much calmer. My brother noticed a difference when he got back from work that day – AD, Shropshire

Shortly after Tony placed his house harmonising device my neighbours stopped abusing each other after years of violent conflict. Then, incredible as it may seem, even came over to apologise for the past disturbances!! – BW, North Wales

On Personal Consultations

After the treatment for my gut and throughput my whole system seems to be working much better and with a regularity I haven’t had for years!  Many thanks for this, I can’t tell you how grateful I am.  My son, also seems to have noticed benefits since you gave him a similar treatment, and generally he seems happier and more stable in his emotions, and also therefore in his relationship to his wife, so we both have much to thank you for – CG, Cumbria

On Group Activations

Mary called to let me know there had been a huge change in Heather (the young girl at the last group) – she was smiling and talking both in school and at the gym.  She told Mary she was no longer so affected by the fact that she had been abandoned twice; by her biological mother and by a foster-mother – she had let go of the anger.  Her teacher wanted to know what miracle had occurred!! – SM, Texas

On Work with the Meridians

Everything that Tony found for blocks in these areas for myself , husband and children were completely “right on target” Tony picked up a “lung meridian” imbalance in both my husband and my daughter. Interestingly, when my husband gets sick it is always with chest congestion and coughing and my daughter who is 12 years old now, had pneumonia when she was age 10 – MT, Berlin

On Work with the Spine

Well, I didn’t quite know what to expect and therefore I had no pre-conceived expectations. The spine blockage removals have been quite astounding. The major outcome has been a tremendous feeling of peace and serenity. I know everything is fine no matter what – RJM, London

During the session I really felt as though my spine was being realigned and it felt brand new by the end of the session – SB, Yorkshire

On Work with Belief Systems

I feel I transcended the tribal into the glorious personal – SJ, London

On Work with Subtle Bodies

I felt I had all the right questions but not the right answers until Tony worked on my subtle bodies – BL, Manchester