The Hidden Emotions That Cause High & Low Blood Pressure

Healing the cause of blood pressure begins with understanding that blood is our “life elixir”, as with one drop of blood in hospital and also wheen dowsed, can give so much information about a person.  The pressure is caused by the flow of blood reacting to the limiting walls of the blood vessels.


The Emotions Behind Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension)

There is an overall withdrawal with low blood pressure and life force becomes like an ebbing tide.  There is no attempt to stand up for oneself and a tendency to decline any resistance that stands in the way.  Conflict can create a withdrawal of blood and reducing the blood pressure. The result can mean a loss of consciousness.  This is equal to withdrawing all power.  An embarrassing situation can do this.  Sexuality requires a certain amount of blood pressure.

ANAEMIA can mean a lack of iron, or a refusal to take on their ration cosmic energy (the opposite of iron will).  Physical stimulation can help, such as exercise and massage.  However, everything returns to normal when the stimulation ceases.


According to Louise L. Hay, anaemia relates to a “Yes-But” attitude, lack of joy, fear of life, and not feeling good enough.  Low blood pressure relates to lack of love as a child, defeatism, a feeling of “what’s the use, and “it won’t work anyway”.




The Emotions Causing High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Blood pressure and pulse will not just increase by exertion, but just by thinking about something.  When the conversation gets close to a conflict area it increases until it is verbalised, which releases the problem and the pressure.  Therefore, constant thinking of a problem creates long-term pressure, which if it fails to materialise will  “under pressure.”

High blood pressure (more common in men) can be caused by diverting a problem by over-activity, as opposed to low blood pressure (more common in women) where one is avoiding conflict.

With high blood pressure, there can be frustration, aggression, and self-restraint leads to contraction of the blood vessels to keep the pressure under control.  The pressure of the blood and counter-pressure of the walls creates high blood pressure.  When the feelings become fossilised, it results in a furring up of the artery walls.




Our conditions are very often reflected in our everyday speech.  Such as with high blood pressure; “Put a lid on it, feeling under pressure, letting off steam, becoming red in the face trying to tell someone something.”  Sexually there is an expectation for action and if not delivered, frustration, which is another inflamed thinking.


According to Louise L. Hay in her book, Heal Your Body, the probable cause was a long-standing emotional problem not solved.


Similarly, with low blood pressure; “Pale into insignificance, faint-hearted, feeling drained.”  Sexually, there is an expectation of surrender, which resulted in the belief that women should not create resistance in life.


According to Louise L. Hay in her book Heal Your Body, the probable cause was; lack of love as a child, defeatism, “what’s the use? It won’t work anyway.”


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