Bullying is the negative aspect of the law of attraction which is more often used to show, how by focusing on something positive, we can change our lives.  What has been forgotten are all the programs and feelings that we have inherited from our parents, other authority figures, siblings etc.  The hidden causes of bullying can result in a victim with self-limiting and dis-empowering beliefs which can lie dormant until challenged by a traumatic situation or challenging person.

The Hidden Cause of the Bullied Child

It is the program of feeling a victim that attracts bullying into a child’s life.  This program can be set up from a very early stage of development; parental ill feelings at the child’s conception and while being carried by the mother, birth trauma, a lack of bonding with the mother at birth, absence of a positive father figure, parental abuse (or another authority figure).

It is not always a negative childhood that draws a child to be bullied.  There may have been a loving childhood which is destroyed by being sent to boarding school, where the child feels abandoned and rejected, made worse by being torn away from the comforts of home.  Early trauma depletes the adrenal glands which are related to ‘fight or flight’.

Bullying in Childhood

Bullying has now become part of social media and technology.  However, the attraction towards being bullied will be the same, but more elusive, as it is not so easy to identify the bully.

Whatever the aspect of bullying, the attraction comes from fear and victim-hood, already instilled in the child.  We must be aware that children can read their parents’ feelings as we have read our parents’ feelings.

We may encourage them to be brave and stand up for themselves.  However, our children can read our truth as if it is written boldly on our T-shirts.  Parents’ traumatic events and feelings are written all over them as if it has been a T-shirt commemorating a rock band’s world tour.  By releasing the parents’ programs, bullying begins to disappear.


If Bullying is Not Addressed During the Childhood Years it Can Continue Into Adulthood

A partner or spouse can continue the bullying with domestic violence.  This abuse can also manifest in the workplace. affecting mostly women.  Some sayings are very appropriate.  However, the saying; “Sticks and stones will hurt my bones but words will hurt me none” is one of the most inappropriate sayings.  Although sticks and stones will hurt our bones, they can heal, and words can last a lifetime.  Especially if painful.


I share more information about bullying on my YouTube video.

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