The Hidden Feelings Behind Insomnia

Insomnia is defined as chronic sleeplessness, as opposed to an occasional loss of sleep.  Diet, such as eating a heavy meal late at night, drinking alcohol or consuming food that the body cannot process easily can make a big difference. 

Anything that creates excitability in the body can create sleeplessness, such as high-intensity exercise.  These can all contribute to the hidden feelings behind insomnia.

We must now recognise how regular exposure to various electrical devices can also lie behind insomnia.  Mobile phones and computers being the worse culprits, which is made worse by having the phone near the head at night as an alarm or just to be at hand.  Teenagers may have the mobile under their pillows waiting for a call.



The Origins of the Emotions That Trigger Insomnia

Insomnia is defined as chronic sleeplessness or being deficient in either quantity or quality of sleep.  The origins of insomnia may have started during a disruptive childhood.

In some cases, being exposed to prolonged labour or the mother’s trauma while the baby was in the womb.  A massive ancestral trauma due to some felt impending danger can be energetically carried down through generations.

Those with insomnia, very often, there may be shock, grief and despair that may be deeply hidden in the subconscious.

The end result of the above situations can create a constant state of orange or red alert.  There is a strong need to stay awake to resolve the issues of the day.  Insomnia is a form of anxiety relating to a fear of some unknown or unseen danger.

There can be a focus on past events and experiences of oneself or others which becomes the basis of fear about the future, magnified by a fertile imagination.  This can create a fear of future disasters and problems purely with the imagination.

Here is a quote by Mark Twain about the futility of worrying about the future: “I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.”


According to Louise L. Hay, in her book ” Heal Your Body”, insomnia is the result of fear, not trusting the process of life, and guilt.


Guilt Seeks Punishment and Insomnia has a Good Way of Constantly Reminding Us

For insomniacs, there will be a deep fear of letting go and surrendering, due to the old survival instinct.  There is a deep lack of trust in the process of life.  They dare not relax.  There is an inability to release the affairs of the day, as there is a feeling if there is no hands-on control, all hell will let loose.



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