The Metaphysical Causes of Ageing

There is a general acceptance that different aspects of the ageing process can relate to a bad diet, lack of exercise, poor posture, and certain environmental conditions.  These can speed up our deterioration on this earth.  Those who believe that they are going to eventually die, “so why not enjoy myself” may have missed out about the quality of life that lies out in front of them. 


According to Louise L. Hay in her book ‘Heal Your Body’  ageing problems relate to social beliefs, old thinking, fear of being oneself, and rejecting the now.


Following this theme, it is obvious that a person with a tendency towards negativity (outward or hidden) will speed up the ageing process.  A positive outlook has a much better opportunity for a healthy long life than a person who is continually negative.  Evidently, it takes more muscles in the face to frown than smile.

Most people that I see have had a very challenging past which extends into their present.  When the feelings behind these tragic or painful memories are released there can be a transformation in posture, a glow to the skin and a spark in the eyes.  This is the return of vitality, which is always missing with those who age before their time.  This, I have seen in clients.

Recently, there was an awareness that people who walked slowly when younger did not live as long as those who walked briskly.  I have always wondered if those elderly people who just shuffled along had made an effort to stride when younger, whether they would move along more easily when old.


A Symptom of an Illness or a Disease is Often Nothing More Than the Body’s Reaction to Stress

The following organs will weaken with particular feelings, and subsequently, speed up the ageing process:

The Heart will be affected by feelings such as lack of forgiveness, hating what one does, heartache and heartbreak which can be aggravated by unsolved longstanding emotional problems, which creates high blood pressure.

The Lungs become problematic due to feelings of intolerance, unworthiness and yet knowing everything, grief and detachment.

The Liver Unwilling to move, hopelessness, unhappiness, and rage against oneself.

The Gallbladder stores many of the feelings which turn into bitterness and resentment. This organ also relates to decision making. To remove the gallbladder does not remove the feelings.

The Pancreas.  When malfunctioning, it stores emotional pain and refusing to enjoy.

The Kidneys There is a great deal of fear, sexual security, fearful isolation and shame.

The Bladder  There is a lack of inner direction and inner peace, feeling controlled by others, together with restlessness and impatience.

The Small Intestine relates to the assimilation of nutrients,  not just food but thoughts and feelings and life. There will be a lack of joy, made worse by sorrow and sadness.


No face-lift, just Energetic Wisdom!
A few years ago, Tony worked with a lady who had premature ageing due to stress and money worries. During the appointment, Tony was able to observe the deep lines and wrinkles on the ladies face relax and soften. These continued to relax, so much so, that the lady looked ten years younger, and her friends were asking her if she had had a face-lift!


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By applying Energetic Wisdom methods Tony has had a deeper insight into understanding the root causes of ageing.


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