The Root Cause of Diabetes

In this weeks article, I’m going to write about the root cause of diabetes and why it is often overlooked.  Diabetes is a disturbance of the metabolism from a lack of insulin secreted by the pancreas, but did you know there are hidden feelings behind it?

Diabetes was once known as glycosuria-meaning,’ sugar run-out’.  If we replace the word sugar with love it translates to ‘love run-out’.  Love passes straight through a diabetic, just as sugar has.  The result is a strong unsatisfied desire for love, along with an inability to accept love and absorb it unconditionally. 


Diabetics want to love (in the form of sweet things) yet do not trust themselves to actively pursue.  Therefore,  they long for it all the more (“I should like to so much, but I mustn’t!”), yet are unable to get it because they have never learnt to love themselves (“I really mustn’t have anything sweet!”).

From the book The Healing Power of Illness by Thorwald Dethlefsen and Rudiger Dahlke Md.




There are strong feelings that have triggered diabetes, like most illnesses and diseases, stemming from childhood and beyond.  This began as a feeling of emptiness, resulting in a feeling of what might have been and “it should have been different”.  When an aspect of us is missing it can result in a sense of deep sadness and sorrow with no sweetness left to enjoy life.

Diabetes has a way of storing pain, complicated by feeling ashamed of something you did in the past.  The emptiness can create a feeling of having a great need to control.

Any initial emotional shock can reverberate through life as ‘after-shocks’.  There can be a feeling of starvation in the midst of plenty,  resulting in feeling sorry for oneself.  Sometimes, there will be a feeling that the quality of life has been taken away from them.

There is a belief in diabetics that they have had insufficient emotional support, especially from the mother together with a feeling of loss, deprivation of love, together with the starvation of affection.  At the worst, feeling alone in an indifferent and hostile world, there can be fatalistic expectations of further complications in life.


The Childhood Program That Can Lay Behind Developing Diabetes

With diabetes or even pre-diabetes, there is often a lack of play and joy in childhood in which the child had to grow up too quickly and take on adult responsibilities. As an adult, they can end up overly serious, or lacking a sense of responsibility. This is common with perfectionists and work-a-holic who, unconsciously believe they do not deserve pleasure in their lives, and when an opportunity for pleasure comes along they feel guilty.

Guilt seeks punishment. Diabetes is a way of expressing this.


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