Jan 15, 2020

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The Spiritual Cause of Infertility

The Spiritual Cause of Infertility

   The Spiritual Cause of Infertility

In a deep need to create a child, and when there are problems, the spiritual cause of infertility is very often overlooked as one desperately searches for a physical cause.  As a result, this very often leads to some sort of guilt being felt if one of the parents has a problem in that quarter.


The Hidden Emotions of Infertility

What has been overlooked are the deep emotions surfacing from past ancestral trauma, which can make the spiritual cause of infertility difficult to identify.  This, in turn, can then be reflected in the parent’s life history by a great deal of tension, anxiety, emotional conflict and traumatic shock.  The result of this can be a life of competence anxiety, self-distrust, and self-inhibition.

When one’s own childhood has been traumatised, there will be a fear of repeating the experience.  One may, therefore, feel intimidated in becoming a parent.  As there are two people involved here, the partner’s fears and history can also play a part.

Visioning the Future with a Child

The spiritual cause of infertility can also be tied to the planning of a child.  Therefore, there could be a deep fear of sabotaging the relationship by one of the parents.  They may see that time and energy is being taken up and, subsequently feel overwhelmed.  Because of this, the reason for having a child needs to be examined, such as loneliness and distraction.

It may then be time to explore other creative aspects of life and also explore any inner conflicts that may re-surface in the future.



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Questions Behind the Spiritual Cause of Infertility

  • How would feel if you were your own mother/father?  Any fears and doubts about that situation?
  • If you have experienced trauma around the loss of a child, has this now been addressed?
  • Do you doubt (rather than just wonder) whether you will be a good parent?
  • What was your relationship like with your own mother or father?  Which was the most challenging?  There could be resentment or a fear of being like one of your parents.  For a female to explore the relationship with their mother, is there any unresolved anger, resentment, feeling controlled or suppressed?  I find this very important, as I am often having to address the parent’s challenges when there is a problem arising with a child.
  • Do you feel safe to have a child with your partner?


According to Lise Bourbeau in her book, Your Body’s Telling You: Love Yourself, she advises to liberate yourself.  Love and accept yourself with all your weaknesses and limitations.  You are human: simply take your place in the human family.  There is no need to overwhelm with your feats or your illnesses.




Much of the information about the emotions behind infertility was provided from “Metaphysical Anatomy” by Evette Rose. 


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