The Spiritual Cause of Bone Problems

The two main bone diseases are Osteoporosis (porousness of the bones), which is usually a chronic condition, and Osteomyelitis, which is inflammation of the bones. When we look at the spiritual cause of Osteoporosis and Osteomyelitis, in both cases, the bones represent support, physically and metaphysically. There will have been insufficient support or a fear of not sufficiently supporting others. This will have originated from a strong experience of lack of support from a loved one and feeling underrated.

With Osteoporosis and Osteomyelitis, there will be a feeling of obligation to support others or a need for others to be dependent on you. You may feel valueless if you are not helping others. This may explain why osteoporosis occurs in later years after a lifetime of supporting others.

Fear of Authority

Osteoporosis and Osteomyelitis may also relate to the fear of authority, due to a lack of faith in your own self-worth. Some may become an authority unto themselves due to a fear of being controlled by others, resulting in being viewed as being” controllers” themselves, as it becomes an over-reaction to having been controlled.  Unfortunately many have known or have hidden inherent self-destructive feelings due to genetic and societal circumstances.

As a child, you may have been required to do more than a child should or could do, leaving you with a great deal of accountability and responsibility. As a result, you can feel exhausted and depleted and no longer be willing to stand up to yourself. With a strong need to control, you can’t stand the unexpected. Also, it will have been difficult to let love in.

Osteomyelitis (inflammation of the bones) 

Any form of  -itis means inflammation, which translates to feeling inflamed, angry and resentful.  This can be made worse in outwardly gentle, loving individuals, as it can be deeply hidden in the same way bones are hidden in the body.


Remember – first comes the emotion and then comes the condition.

So it is wise to clear the emotional build-up by either working with me or learning how to heal yourself by learning my unique healing method.

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Soul Whisperer Tony MillsMy work as a Soul Whisperer is to help you to communicate with your soul’s needs and desires. Your current health challenges are a result of a build-up of unresolved negative emotions and pre-programming, often from your childhood. Your soul expresses these unresolved negative emotions first through your thoughts.

Should you fail to listen to the messages that are crying out to be heard, these messages become stronger and harder for you to ignore. They then become manifestations of pain, discomfort, or ill-health. Your soul must find a way to get you to take action.

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After more than 30 years as a therapist, I have devised my own unique and efficient ways of assisting my clients back into alignment. This means that if you chose to work with me, by applying dowsing techniques, we will look for the emotional or energetic root cause of your health or well-being challenge. Then together, using the Living Lens we will work on clearing the blockages within your system and bring back harmony.

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CREDIT & BOOKS I RECOMMEND: Some of the metaphysical references in my articles were quoted from the following authors and their books: Evette Rose, Metaphysical Anatomy. Valeria Moore, Emotional Patterns Dr. Michael J Lincoln, Messages from the Body.

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My wife, Annie, is very intuitive and by listening to her body, she was guided to eat a plant-based, wholefood diet, avoiding gluten, dairy, eggs, cheese, and processed foods. This also resonated with me, and we also stopped drinking alcohol.

Currently, we follow the guidance of Medical Medium where you will also find lots of free advice and knowledge and Dr. Morse. You will learn things such as the need for protein is a lie, and many vegan body-builders suffer arthritic conditions as a result of consuming a lot of protein.

Medical Disclaimer: While shamanic practices/spiritual healing is not a replacement for conventional medicine, it is often used successfully as a compliment. Holistic therapy of this nature has been shown to help many people, where other methods have failed. Always consult a physician about any physical or mental problems you may have.