The Spiritual Cause of Pneumonia

In this article, I discuss the emotions connected to pneumonia.  If you are interested in finding out about the inflammation, please read.

The spiritual cause of pneumonia can be the result of a sudden traumatic event in your life.  What then surfaces is a lifelong suppression of grief.  The fear and anxiety around this can leave you with an overpowering feeling of futility.  To find the spiritual cause of flu, then you will find it in my other blog on this website, together with a video.

Pneumonia, in the physical form, is defined as a viral or bacterial invasion of the lungs resulting in severe inflammation. Emotionally, there is a failure to maintain immunity to negative ideas, made worse by a strong ego.   There is little tolerance for other ideas or opinions.

The reason may be due to being emotionally abandoned at a young age, resulting in the need to build up defences which have not allowed people in and yourself out.  There has been a strong belief in having to deal with the world single-handedly.  The end result is being cut off from joy and love.

The book by Louise L. Hay: Heal Your Body, states the following emotions are behind pneumonia:

  • Desperate.
  • Tired of life.
  • Emotional wounds that are not allowed to heal.

Here are some suggested positive affirmations by Louise L. Hay: 

  • I freely take in the Divine ideas that are filled with the breath and intelligence of life.
  • There is a new moment.

Picture courtesy of kalhh from Pixabay

We can go deeper with those emotions and the spiritual cause of pneumonia and lung problems: 


  • A lack of inspiration.  Keeping out anything that is new.
  • An inability to let go (exhalation).   A fear of letting something die away.
  • Pneumonia can relate to a fear of death or seeing someone else suffer or die.
  • An extreme fear of change.
  • A program that also lies in liver problems is an underlying desire in not wanting to live, which can also be reflected in depression. Someone or something is taking your life-force away, resulting in the feeling of suffocation.


How I Can Help If You Have Pneumonia?

I work by addressing the spiritual cause of pneumonia and the emotions that accompany them. When addressed the body may not need to express this debilitating condition. Of course, the priority is to seek professional medical assistance.

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Your body has been trying to communicate your need to address certain internal emotions.  When you refuse to listen to your inner emotions, pneumonia, common cold or flu, like any illness,  your body’s desperately trying to, literally express the painful truths. 



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