The Spiritual Cause of Scoliosis


Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine into a ‘C’ shape or ‘S’ shape and may have occurred in infancy, and very often in adolescence.  The spiritual cause of scoliosis is rarely seen but physically many of the causes are obvious.  As a result, this may show up as deformity at birth or as nerve damage, such as cerebral palsy.  Also, trauma relating to the vertebrae, deep scarring, and unequal leg length can all be factors. 

It could also result in unequal pressure on different parts of the body.  However, if there is no pain or discomfort from scoliosis there may not be a problem.

What is very often overlooked is the spiritual cause of scoliosis, where there is a strong deviation between the feminine and masculine poles. This can begin in the womb when the fetus feels restricted or has absorbed some of the mother’s feelings, especially if there is some discord with the father.

The adolescent, if very self-conscious, may try to alter his or her posture.  Scoliosis can develop, for example, when an adolescent girl is slightly taller than average.


The Inherited Programs that Trigger the Spiritual Cause of Scoliosis


What has been overlooked are the deep emotions surfacing from past ancestral trauma.  This can make the spiritual cause of scoliosis difficult to identify.  It can then be reflected in the parent’s life history by a great deal of tension, anxiety, emotional conflict, and traumatic shock.  The result of this can be a life of competence anxiety, self-distrust, and self-inhibition.

If a child or adolescent feels suppressed, dominated or threatened with shame in order to control then the child’s feelings can be distorted (a form of emotional scoliosis).  They will then be left feeling ‘not good enough’.  An adolescent may rebel and subsequently reach out in the wrong direction (another form of distortion).


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The Variations of Scoliosis


The spiritual cause of scoliosis can appear with different messages in different areas of the spine.  As the eyes and ears are designed to keep the body balanced, any misalignment of the sacrum (which if problematic represents a loss of power and some deep hidden anger) there will be some compensation in the cranium as the senses try to level themselves out.

The same applies if there is a distortion on the vertebrae in the neck (relating to refusing to see the other side of a problem, stubbornness, and inflexibility) which, in turn, can affect the level of the pelvis.

When it is in the lower back, the feeling will be due to a feeling of a lack of support, together, very often, of financial insecurity.  The middle back can relate to burdens and responsibility.  These are all connected to the spiritual cause of scoliosis.

Curving round to the right will relate to the father’s program, and to the left, the mother’s.  Although not called scoliosis a backward curve of the upper back (kyphosis) may have developed during adolescence when you felt others had expectations of you, resulting in having the world on your shoulders.

Lordosis involves an inward curve of the lumbar vertebral column, which is the opposite of scoliosis.  This indicates a difficulty in receiving from others.  There is a tendency to do everything yourself and there will be difficulties in accepting support.


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The Link Between Scoliosis and Acidic Body

Another important aspect to address is that of nutrition, as it has been found that those suffering from scoliosis often also have an acidic body.  Dr. Morse offers many further insights in this video.  Time stamps are in the description of each one.

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