Jan 8, 2020

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The Spiritual Cause of Thyroid Problems

The Spiritual Cause of Thyroid Problems

In this article, I am going to write about the spiritual, or metaphysical, cause of thyroid problems.  But first, what is the thyroid?  The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped endocrine gland found the front of the neck both sides of the trachea wind-pipe and secretes the hormone thyroxin that controls the rate of metabolism.

When the thyroid is out of balance, this presents itself as underactive (hypothyroid), the extreme becomes Hashimoto’s Disease, and overactive (hyperthyroid), the extreme of which is Graves Disease.  Stress and your adrenals play a large part in thyroid health.  Stress is a collective reaction to a series or one particular painful or uncomfortable feeling.  When the adrenals are stressed by a ‘fight or flight’ situation, the thyroid is put on hold.

Energetically the thyroid is linked to the throat chakra, the area of self- expression and personal power.  The meridian affecting the thyroid and adrenals is the triple warmer meridian.  When under-active there is a feeling of heaviness and depression, whereas when over-active there is an over-sensitivity and being hyper-alert, together with seeing chaos around you. It can be ascertained that there are many spiritual causes of thyroid problems.


The book by Louise L. Hay: Heal Your Body, states the following emotions are behind the thyroid:

Humiliation. ” I never get to do what I want to do.” ” When is it my turn?”


We can go deeper with the emotions that are behind hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism

Hypothyroid. Underactive thyroid

Hypothyroidism affects mostly women.  There is generally a stuck feeling with a tendency (but not always) to put on weight and feel depressed, tired and a decrease in mental and physical activity, together with low body temperature.  A kind of emotional hibernation.  They are afraid of taking over their lives, taking charge. and stepping forward to what they want.  In doing so can lose out in happiness, health and prosperity.  This may have come when finding it difficult to ask for things as a child and eventually giving up.  This can be made worse by a lack of forgiveness for those who held you back.  Because of that lack of movement, a great deal of unexpressed frustration and resentment can build and turn inwards.

Hyperthyroid. Overactive thyroid

Whereas the underactive thyroid type may feel inactive, the hyperthyroid type can be too busy expanding energy outwards, resulting in an increase in thyroid activity.  It is difficult to slow down and there will be a tendency to take over other the lives of those you love as well.  In doing so you do not prioritize your own life.  There is a strong need for validation from others, especially by those close to you.  You have high expectations for yourself and others, together with rage at being left out.  The result is a speeding up of bodily activity, causing irritability, weight loss, excessive perspiration and weakness.


According to Narayan Singh in his book Messages From the Body, there is a belief that those with thyroid disease have no right to express who they are, to develop, to put out and apply their creativity to succeed. www.narayansinghkhalsa.com


Forgive those who you feel that have held you back in the early part of your life or those who have repeated the program into your adulthood, as they have been there to help you to overcome your fear of expression and claim your own power.

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How I Can Help If You Have Thyroid Problems

Of course, as I am able to address the spiritual cause of thyroid problems, without the need for psychoanalysis, you can seek my help. The beauty of my work is that I do not claim to heal you, but activate your own healing process. If it is inconvenient to see me, I can help you in the way of a Distance Healing.  Find out more and book via my appointments page.https://energetic-wisdom.co.uk/appointments/

Your body has been trying to communicate your need to address certain internal emotions.  When you refuse to listen to your inner emotions relating to  the thyroid, like any illness, is your bodies way of shouting its message to you.



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  1. There is another article that I just read on why women have so many thyroid problems. I am from the United States and when I watch the news or anything on TV, I noticed the people “allowed” to voice their opinions over serious matters are predominately mainly men.

    In a world where police abuse towards black people gains more publicity than our police sex-trafficking women with regards to police abuse, but yet this is not mainstream news, I can see the lack of expression in women. I also noticed Jeffrey Epstein’s victims who are almost all still alive have less of a voice than the male dominated FBI and police doing the investigations. When your several hundred victims are still alive and breathing, but yet invalidated when they express and document what happened, I can see why women would suffer predominantly in the throat chakra. Because it feels like our voices are not heard and they don’t matter.

    The sex-trafficking in America is viciously covered up, while the mainstream news pretends like it happens in other countries or on remote islands, when it happens by our own government and police right here. This is an attempt to heal and express my own throat chakra and the things that I have experiences traveling the states alone as a 20-30 year old woman.

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