Thoughts can make or break us.

Is that true? Well, not really, as thoughts in themselves do not carry much power.

The power comes from the emotion behind the thought and it is the emotion that can actually make or break us. Emotions have the power to give us a life of joy, happiness and great health. However, the opposite is often what we unwittingly create.

Give Attention to Positive Intention

Positive Thoughts Attract a Positive Life Experience.

The Law of Attraction teaches us that when our thoughts become emotional, the Universe responds and provides us with more of what our thoughts and emotions are reflecting.

Therefore, although we may believe we are asking for only positive experiences, subconsciously we may be asking for negative ones. Anyone familiar with the work of Louise Hay will know, that by the power of thought and emotion, we can positively change our lives. However, what most people do not realise, is that the negative thoughts can carry a strong emotion, and when this emotion is constantly repeated, these emotions crystallise within the body, and pain and discomfort are often the consequence. Unfortunately, our high school education system does not teach us much about the connection between our thoughts, emotions and how we experience life. Fortunately, as a Soul Whisperer, I am passionate about this subject and can help people communicate with your body.

I qualified and practised as an osteopath for many years, until I began to realise there was another aspect that I had to look at.

I began to ask myself, why were some clients not getting better. This was a catalyst for me and led me on my path of discovery and to energy healing. It was a fascinating journey of discovery, and today I no longer practice osteopathy as I realised there was a better way.  I developed my own techniques, which I collectively call ‘Energetic Wisdom’ and by using a combination of kinesiology and dowsing, I can find the exact weakening emotion causing the dis-ease or dis-comfort, then using Energetic Wisdom techniques the crystallised emotions are safely released and positive change can take place.

Energetic Wisdom works exceptionally well with the spine.

An imbalance in the spine can affect us in many more ways than just back pain. Rather than addressing imbalances through manipulation, I now get to the root cause and address this. By releasing the energetic emotional blockage, there is then no need for the physical pain.

Thoughts and emotions create our experience of life.

When the emotion crystallises within us, we suffer dis-ease and dis-comfort. Energetic Wisdom can aid with allergies, fertility problems, food intolerances, migraines, candida, parasites, back and neck problems, frozen shoulder, slipped disk, insomnia, digestive problems, emotional stress, too much mental chatter, exhaustion, chronic fatigue etc. Energetic Wisdom techniques are also very effective with children.

So, what do you think? Are your thoughts creating a positive or negative experience for you? What is your body trying to tell you when you experience pain or discomfort? I can help you find out and bring you back into balance.  View my appointments page to find out about seeing me in person, or via the internet.

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