I’m often asked by my clients, which is the best to choose.  A private appointment or a group workshop?

Although each person will receive individual healing during a group workshop, unlike during a private appointment, I will not be able to work deeply on any one individual’s needs.

Many have found the healing during a group workshop life-changing, however as each person has their own specific challenges, I cannot guarantee this for everyone.

Which is best? A Private Appointment or a Group Workshop?

If your personal challenge is of a specific nature, such as a debilitating illness, then I would suggest a private appointment.

However, if you don’t have any specific challenges, and are just interested to experience Energetic Wisdom healing, then the Group workshop is a great opportunity.


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During a group workshop, I am intuitively guided as to which energy system to work on. This might be meridians, chakras, miasmas, or the spinal column. Read more info here.

If you are drawn to attend my group workshop, then this is the choice to make. However, if you are more drawn to a private appointment, then this may be best.

Many of my clients book both a private appointment and attend the group workshop.  They can both be incredibly interesting experiences and healing is received on different levels.

We have many energy systems (More about this here) and due to the often stressful nature of life in general, we can build up many layers which create blockages within our energy flow. Each one increases the chances of illness or serious setbacks in life.

My job, as the Soul Whisperer, and holistic healing therapist, is to help you to quickly re-set your energy systems, which in turn will bring about a better, and more joyful flow to your life.

During a private healing appointment, I won’t ask you to tell me the story of your life. I don’t need to know this to help you. What I will ask you, and what is important, is how you feel. For instance, how did a certain upsetting or challenging experience make you feel? It is this feeling that is the weakener for you, and the one that has the power to attract more negative experiences, and even ill health.

Illness Can Be Carried Through From A Past Life

If you come to see me at the stage where you are already experiencing ill health, then I will go deep into the associated emotions of your specific illness.

As a holistic healing therapist, and an expert dowser of more than 30 years, I can use dowsing rods to communicate with your energetic systems and find out which emotions you have buried within.

Soul Whisperer, Tony MillsOften, my clients tell me they agree with what I find, however, some of the discovered emotions may have no meaning to them. This may be because they are from a very young age, or even a previous life, but the emotions are showing up in their system, and they are causing an imbalance in the natural, healthy flow of their energy system, and thus in their life.

The way I work is unique to me, as it is a culmination of my entire learning as a holistic healing therapist, and also what was channelled through to me from my Spirit Guides.

I do not heal you. What I do, as a Soul Whisperer, is to facilitate holistic healing and help you communicate with your inner self, and discover what it is your soul needs you to know.

Each energetic blockage is then safely released by utilising the Living Lens healing disk. This is a device that was channelled to me some years ago and I also run group workshops for those who wish to own their own Living Lens disk.

Visit my appointments page to view where and how we can meet.  This can be in person or via the internet.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Tony Mills.