Dec 19, 2018

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Your Body Is Your Best Friend

Your Body Is Your Best Friend

Your Body Is Your Best Friend. 

Your body is your best friend

Tony Mills, reflecting on life.


In life, and in this particular medical view we have today, we tend to see our bodies as being completely independent of our minds.  If we come down with cancer, MS, ME, a cold, it is by accident only and it is nothing to do with anything we have thought, said or done. Then we start viewing our body as something to be feared, or not trusted, and potentially something that could lead to our death.  Instead of analysing why our bodies have created these symptoms and realising that it is no accident, we blithely ignore all of the body’s signals for help and start taking all sorts of medications, hoping to conquer the ‘enemy’ within.

It is only once we accept that we control everything that happens physically to our bodies that a true merging of mind, body and spirit can occur.

By Josie Donaldson, in her booklet ‘The Psychological Aspects of Essential Oils‘.


By taking responsibility for all our creations, we can move in a more positive direction in our life. But how do we start? This is something I have helped hundreds of others with.

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