Releasing The Hidden Emotions That Cause Kidney Problems

Healing the cause of kidney problems begins with understanding where it first originated.  Physically the kidneys are located in the right and left side of the abdomen and their purpose is to cleanse the body’s waste products and release excess fluid as the blood passes through, and subsequently released to the bladder to be eliminated from the body.  The kidneys also balance the blood chemicals, controlling hormones that control blood pressure and maintaining healthy blood cells and bones.

What most people may be unaware of, is how kidney dysfunction can affect the whole physical structure.  The main muscles relating to the kidney meridian are the psoas muscles, which are attached to both sides of the lumbar vertebrae with their insertion into the upper thigh bones, connecting the upper and lower structures of the human body.

If there is a kidney meridian imbalance, pelvic pain or discomfort can occur. Due to the interconnectedness of the muscular system there follows tension in the shoulders and upper arms. As the trapezius muscles running from the vertebrae of the neck to the collar bone and shoulder blade also relate to the kidney meridian, the whole structure can be out of alignment.

photo of human kidneys

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The emotions that trigger kidney problems

As the kidneys can look like a pair of scales attempting to keep balance, the emotions can reflect this in our relationship with others. There can an inherited feeling of injustice – “It is just not fair!” from one or both parents.  There is a tendency to make a poor judgment, together with an inability to make decisions about one’s own needs. However, the desire to help others will be very strong, as well as being easily influenced by others. Being sensitive and often over-emotional will not have helped.

A diseased kidney can also indicate a perceived lack of inner resources or powerlessness in relationships or recent situation. There can be a disappointment after feeling disillusioned when your expectations are not met.  This can result in a strong need to criticize or judge.

There can be strong feelings relating to the kidney meridian, such as fear of being alive, or a fear of imminent disaster.  Also, there can be sexual insecurity or indecision.

Positively, one of the secrets is to be gentle on oneself, as well as trusting more in the Divine, and knowing that one is ultimately safe.

The overall picture which revolves around kidney problems is a situation where one of not allowing the true self to live according to his or her true nature.


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By applying Energetic Wisdom methods I have had a deeper insight into understanding the root cause of kidney problems and related structural challenges.

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