The First Step To Healing

The first step to healing is to admit and accept ‘I have created this experience/problem/conflict.’  Until we can accept this fact, rather than blaming others, we cannot truly heal.

The person who we feel is causing us distress may have done some awful things to us, but ultimately our higher-self has brought us together to experience a certain situation.

If we can begin to recognise the pattern and endeavour to bring awareness to the fact that we created and thus attracted it, then we can begin to change the way we react to it. Reacting negatively often results in us repeatedly experiencing this difficulty throughout our life until we recognise the wisdom of the lesson we have been attracting on a soul level.

Ask yourself, why is one child bullied when another is not?

If you observe, you will realise that the child that is bullied is living a pattern of being a victim. Their reaction to being bullied will remain the same until eventually, the child realises that they are living a pattern, which brings them unhappiness.

Therefore they need to change the way they react, and by finally standing up to the bullies they make a statement that they are no longer willing to play out the victim role.   The self-limiting and disempowering beliefs are broken and there is no need for the bullies any more.

The child that is not being bullied does not have a victim pattern, therefore does not need to create the bully in the first place.


crying boy

Another example is when one person constantly attracts conflict in their lives. Wherever they go, they will find someone to have a conflict with. Whereas most people generally do not create constant conflict.

By the Law of Attraction, the universe constantly provides us with what we ask for, so although we may believe that we are asking for only positive experiences, subconsciously before we gain awareness and insight into our patterns, our hidden emotions, or the ones we choose not to recognise as our own – e.g. playing the victim or attracting conflict – will constantly appear.

The Second Step to Healing

The second step to healing is to find ways to efficiently and effectively clear our negative patterns. I have found the Energetic Wisdom healing techniques I use to be some of the fastest ways available in the world of natural healing to achieve the positive results my clients are hoping for.

By using a combination of muscle testing to find the exact weakening emotion, then using the Living Lens healing disk with the appropriate phrase, immediate and profound change often takes place for clients.  Of course, if your belief pattern is that your certain issue will need months or years of healing work for change to take place, then that is exactly what you will attract. However, if you are finally ready to change that belief pattern, do get in touch with me to discuss further.


I also work with children through distance healing. 

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